Who Are Higher Education Students? Infographic Gives Overall View

Snapshot of the Higher Education Student

This all inclusive “Snapshot” provides easy access to student data you can use to inform many types of strategic plans. The data is comprised from 16 different government, public, and private sector sources and includes information on student demographics, remediation rates, online/distance courses, employment, tuition/financial aid, and use of mobile devices. If you want more details about any particular data point, just click on the image to link directly to the source.

Sample of questions you will find answered in this Snapshot:

  • How many undergrads are enrolled in the US?
  • How many take online classes?
  • What percentage complete a degree within six years?
  • How many receive financial aid and what is the average tuition debt?
  • What types of mobile devices do college students own and use for schoolwork?

View the full higher education student snapshot infographic.