When Mom is Your Biggest Supporter

November is often a time when people share stories of gratitude and we think that’s great! For the next month the P.S. Blog will feature several Pearson Campus Ambassadors who are grateful for a variety of things: from family and friends to opportunities at their college. What are you grateful for? 

6.BriannaBrianna Lockett is majoring in creative writing at University of Illinois – Urbana. She hopes to become a writer one day and her favorite class right now is her poetry class. For the holidays, her favorite foods are all from her mom’s recipes – dressing, spaghetti, and candied yams. Here’s what she’s grateful for:

When I was a kid there always used to be professionals that used to come to my elementary school for career day. Their favorite question to ask was always, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I’d always try to be realistic and give an answer that was age appropriate. For example, I would say I wanted to be a teacher. I considered that an age appropriate answer because I was around teachers all day and I knew the ins and outs of their jobs. By the age of twelve it was time for career day again and when asked the question of what do you want to be when you grow up? I was confident that my answer would be different from everyone in the entire class. I answered “my mother.” Growing from a kid to an adult I watched my mother take on that task and I swore she was superwoman. She could come home from work, cook dinner, straighten the house, help my sister and I with our homework, and do our hair for school all within the same day. I am thankful that she didn’t try and create the child she thought I should be because of the mistakes she made in her life. She allowed me to be her daughter and create my own path. My mother made it easy to talk to her. I remember the first time I told her I wanted to be a writer, she didn’t say what everyone else said she looked in my eyes and said, “Brianna, there are obstacles with any career and you might face more with trying to be an aspiring writer. But, don’t break, just breathe.” My mother makes me feel like no matter how hard life gets she always has a plan. It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day or the holiday season, my mother would always be my biggest blessing.

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