UpSkilling America Through Adult Education Programs

Teacher lecturing to a college classroom full of students

As a result of the federal UpSkill Initiative, organizations across the US are developing programs to train their existing workers and looking at new ways to train future employees. Many large corporations have taken the lead and made progress training workers who oftentimes have been overlooked as a candidate for improving their skill sets, and thus helping them progress professionally. With the help of the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA), small, medium, and start-up companies are connecting and forming partnerships that are helping potential workers overcome barriers and find new and even better employment opportunities.

One of these new partnerships that is showing tremendous results is between Alexandria City Public Schools and Dominion Services – Virginia Power. By working together high school and adult education students are gaining awareness of and knowledge about the skills needed to work in the electrical and utility industry. Teri Barnett, adult education program coordinator at Alexandria Public Schools explains, “There are so many opportunities out there for people to tap into the jobs that Baby Boomers are leaving. Most students are not aware of the types of jobs that provide a very credible career growth, with higher than average earning opportunities and great benefits. Dominion Services – Virginia Power is a great example of a company that is hiring and looking for qualified employees to replace those who will be retiring in the years ahead.”

In this podcast, Teri as well as Drexel Harris, recruiting partnership and sourcing program director at Dominion Services – Virginia Power talk about how their partnership formed, what they are doing to attract potential workers, and how this partnership can be replicated by many other types of organizations. They have a compelling story about how business, education, and the community are working together to find solutions to help prospective employees overcome barriers to higher paying jobs.



If you would like more information about the partnership between Dominion Virginia Power and Alexandria City Public Schools, what they are doing to connect with organizations, and how they are helping people gain the skills they need to find gainful employment, feel free to visit their websites or contact them directly. Their information is below.


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