Things to consider before joining Greek Life

I always knew that I wanted to join Greek Life, however there are many things you should consider if you are on the fence about it. Joining Greek Life was one of the best experiences I could have asked for and completely changed my college experience for the better. I went to a college where I knew no one except for my roommate who I met online. First semester was difficult for me, but once I joined a sorority it was easy to make instant friends. Now that I am on the other side of recruitment, I see the hard work and dedication put into making a pledge class. It is all about finding people with the potential to mesh well with the rest of the house leading to instant connections with everyone.

Leadership opportunities

I have benefited immensely from the leadership opportunities available through Greek Life. If you want to get involved in an organization, Greek Life is a great way to do it. During my first semester I was elected president of my pledge class and got to know so many of the members. During my second year in the house I was elected Vice President of Finance. I am still in this position and I absolutely love it. And because I am a finance and accounting major, this role has given me professional experience to use later in my career.

Community service

If there is a philanthropy you are passionate about, Greek Life is a great way to get involved. There are normally two major philanthropies each school year along with many smaller volunteer opportunities. It is an amazing feeling to be able to work alongside great friends for a shared common goal of raising money or giving time to those in need. Being a part of the Greek community gives you instant credibility when you are reaching out to organizations about volunteering opportunities.

Financial obligations

One of the aspects of Greek Life that I wish I would have considered earlier is the financial obligation. If you are going to college on a budget, Greek Life might not be the best option for you. There are many fees and potential fines you are charged with – even when you may not be living in the house or are studying abroad. A better solution may be to join a fraternity affiliated with your major where fees and dues are minimal, but you are still able to meet a great group of friends.

Time commitments

There is also a HUGE time commitment to joining Greek Life. This first week I joined my sorority was a major wake-up call as to what was in store. In an average week, there are about three meetings that can take up anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. For some students, school starts to fade into the background as they are constantly worried about the next meeting that might pop up at the sorority house. Time management is important to balance academic expectations with chapter involvement.

Overall, I am so lucky I have had the opportunity to join Pi Beta Phi at Indiana University. Each sorority is so distinct and special at universities across the country. Even if you are on the fence about participating in recruitment there is no harm in doing so to see if Greek Life is right for you!

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Rebecca Elson is a rising junior majoring in finance, accounting, and management at Indiana University Kelley School of Business. She is also the Pearson Campus Ambassador at IU and is a member of the Women’s Network, Student Philanthropy Council, and Pi Beta Phi, where she serves as Vice President of Finance.  In the future, Becca hopes to take on a financial analyst role in the Midwest.

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