The future is SMART

Isn’t necessity the mother of all inventions? Several philosophical arguments attribute the success of physical endeavors in the field of sciences to necessity, for example Newton’s Laws of Motion. The same can be said of the establishment of complex social ideologies such as democracy and the American Constitution. During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the world saw necessity result in a massive global movement, the Industrial Revolution. Today, history is just about to repeat itself. The same necessity is instigating a slow but sure revolution in the field of smart technology.

A SMART Revolution

Tech companies are relentlessly innovating to help push us into an era of unlimited possibilities. Who thought we would live at a time when robots and humans coexisted peacefully at Walmart? I was predisposed to the notion that these futuristic ideas were purely fictitious- a creation of the complexity of the human mind at its extreme. Today, my perspective on the matter has shifted significantly, and I envision myself being a part of the revolution; a revolution like one never experienced before; a SMART Revolution!

Getting on Board

The awakening era is promising to enhance the quality life of humans significantly. This will not only result from the comfort availed by advanced technological equipment but will also positively influence the health standards by curbing toxic emissions resulting from traditional methods. Elon Musk is relentlessly working on innovating energy solutions harnessed from renewable sources. Tesla Model X was the first car to receive a perfect safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) while using renewable energy sources.

Tesla’s vision provides a sneak peek into the future. However, Elon Musk is not the only billionaire who has caught wind of the imminent SMART revolution. Billionaires including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and even Jack Ma have ensured they will not be left behind in the scramble for a piece of the cake. Multi-billion influential technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google are not lagging either. These companies allocate billions to facilitate the engineering of technological innovations aimed to make the world better, safer, and more pleasant to the current and future generations. 

Not all that Glitters is Gold… 

All that glitters, however, is not always gold. Reliance on computerized pieces of technology allows room for hackers to manipulate these systems. They can often create ways to sway the operations of computerized systems. Additionally, increased computerizations in workplaces pose a threat to the existence and relevance of different blue collar and even white-collar sectors. These machines are programmed to function at a level of precision almost humanly unattainable. 

The revolution, nonetheless, is unstoppable and already gathering momentum as it takes course. No one can know for sure the effects and outcomes this revolution will have. However, based on the ideas projected by various vision drivers in the tech industry, all we can do is hope for the best. Brace yourselves because the revolution isn’t a thing of the future anymore. The revolution is here and NOW.

**uses my phone to lock the door, turn on the air conditioner, and switch off the lights**

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Neville Scott recently earned an Associate’s degree from Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas. He is transferring to Southern Methodist University with an intention of majoring in civil engineering and computer science. Neville is a self-driven change agent interested in playing a contributive role in the enhancement of global infrastructural systems by engineering revolutionary innovations aiming to improve the efficiency of Physical and Digital Infrastructure. In his free time, he likes to build computer programs, volunteer with charity organizations, experiment with various CAD software, and produce music. Additionally, Neville committedly serves as a pianist at The Potter’s House Church.


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