Being thankful in the midst of a crisis

Anger, confusion, and sadness. These are just three of the many emotions students are feeling across the country, particularly seniors. I had so many plans to accomplish for my last two months of college, but right now it doesn’t even look like I will get to have a graduation ceremony. Through all this, it is hard not to look at all the things I won’t get to do, but instead I am choosing to look at the things I am thankful for.

My Family

After graduation, I am scheduled to move more than six hours away from my family and all that I have ever known. Because of this pandemic, I am getting to spend more time with them along with getting ready for the move. Getting to spend extra time with them has been sweet, playing games and just getting some much needed quality time. While this isn’t where I thought I would be just a few weeks before graduation, I am thankful for the time that it has given me to get connected with my family again.

My Health

Knowing so many people are struggling with fear over getting this virus makes it difficult not to panic as well. Though, I have to remember my health is good and I am prepared to withstand whatever may be thrown at me. Along with that, I have the opportunity to better my health with more time to exercise and eat right. Before, I was always rushing around, but this is giving me more time to think it all through and make better choices.

My Experiences

I have been at Auburn University for over three and half years and while I still had things I wanted to do, I got to experience a lot. I saw Auburn men’s basketball compete in a Final Four game, got to compete for our club ultimate frisbee team, and even met my future husband here. Those were just a few of many memories I have had at my time at Auburn and I still have hope that I am not finished yet. It can be heartbreaking to think about what you are missing in the moment, but being thankful for your memories helps put things in perspective. 

My Community

Through it all, people have been a lot more ready to help in any way they can. It has been so sweet getting to see others rally together and hearing stories of people doing good things. We have a saying in Auburn that we are all a part of the Auburn Family and that saying has been apparent as we are figuring it out as a community. Going through all this has given me more faith in people, especially those around me. No matter what, we are in it together. 

My heart hurts for everyone involved in this pandemic. Throughout the world, people’s lives are being turned upside down in every way possible. It can be easy to focus on all the bad and what you are missing, but looking at the bright side of things will only make things better for you. Being thankful through these times will help you be productive and positive through it all. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this season of transitions. Just remember to also not let it take your joy along the way.

Pearson Students: How are you being thankful through all the chaos? What is helping get you through? Share by commenting below!


Emily Bugg is a senior majoring in Public Relations at Auburn University. She is the Pearson Campus Ambassador for Auburn as well as the Editor for Pearson’s Student Blogs. At Auburn, she is also a part of the Women’s Club Ultimate Team and a copy editor for the school yearbook, The Glomerata. In her free time, she loves to hike, sew, and bake.

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  1. Nicole Jones 6 months ago

    I must say that I am so stressed out! Having to do all classes online is a bit much. When doing online classes you have to do 2 times the assignments online than is you would in class. I fell that the teachers are not taking in consideration that we have more than one class. Everyone is not at home, I have to work everyday. I don’t have as much time as those that are unfortunately, out of work. Not only do I have online classes, my kids have online classes. The Grade schools are overloading their work online also. I know everyone has a job to do, I wish everyone could take inconsideration that this is a big change.

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