Teaching corequisite courses with MyLab Math

To better serve students who require developmental courses, many schools are considering corequisite courses (also called pathways or a similar term) to help their students be successful. So whether you are already teaching a corequisite course, planning one, or just thinking about it, you are most likely also looking for products that will help increase your students’ success. Let’s take a look at a few helpful MyLab features:

  • Foster student success through encouraging a growth mindset. A new Mindset module is available in recently released (2018 copyright and newer) MyLab Math courses. You can find this handy tool under the “Student Success” or “Skills for Success” area of your course, or you can assign related media questions to the students through the Assignment Manager. You can also use the Mindset website to test your students’ growth mindset.
  • While exploring the Skills for Success area of your course, don’t miss the College Success module. Encourage students to achieve their potential through topics such as “Time Management” and “Reading to Learn.”
  • Supplement your teaching with workbooks and note-taking guides. The experience varies by author, but the majority of titles from Basic Math through Applied Calculus have some form of workbook or note-taking guide available.
  • Fill gaps in student knowledge by using one of the many integrated review courses. These courses come with prebuilt assignments that will adapt to the individual student’s skill set. You will also have access to integrated review worksheets, many of which start with a mini-lesson. Again, this experience varies slightly by author.
  • Let students get just-in-time assistance while doing homework with Skill Builder. Skill Builder lives inside the homework engine and targets the prerequisite skills students may need. This means students will be offered prerequisite skill recommendations as they work through their homework.
  • Combine Skill Builder with Personalized Homework for an even stronger learning experience.
  • Assign a Companion Study Plan to give your students additional targeted practice, whether it’s optional or for a grade.
  • Engage your students with Learning Catalytics (and throw out those old clickers!).
  • Help your students answer the question, “Why do we need to know this?” using MathTalk videos in MyLab.
  • Easily manage your gradebook and assignments in co-mingled courses using assignment and student tagging.

Designing a corequisite course?  Not sure where to start? The Roadmap to Corequisite Redesign will give you an in-depth look at the logistics. Visit Pearson for an overview of the corequisite course solutions for math and statistics.

About the author:

Stephanie Walker has taught in higher education since 2003. In June 2016, she resigned her position as a full-time college instructor and joined the Pearson Customer Success Team where she offers in-depth training on MyLab Math and Statistics and helps instructors design their courses. Her goal is to help instructors improve their students’ results. Walker has worked with MyLab Math & Statistics since 2007 and continues to use the product as an adjunct. Walker holds a BS and MS in Mathematics from Stephen F. Austin State University.


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