Survey reveals positive trends for student success

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Portion of Connections Academy Infographic

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“The close relationship I have built with many teachers over the years is something I don’t feel would have been successfully accomplished in traditional public school. One-on-one interaction with my teachers throughout the day has really helped my educational goals prosper and advance,” said Noah Langenfeld, Wisconsin Connections Academy class speaker and Academic Excellence Scholarship recipient.

Although Noah and thousands of other online school students have not traveled the traditional route through primary and secondary schools, they are experiencing the same success as their traditional public school peers. The latest survey published by Connections Academy gives a unique view into the beliefs and accomplishments of online school students. For example, the survey revealed:

  • 84% graduation rate for students who attend all four years in online school
  • 66% plan to attend college or vocational school after graduation
  • 91% of graduates interested in attending college were accepted

Students from the 2016 graduating class have been accepted and are attending some of the most prestigious universities in the nation including Harvard, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Vanderbilt, US Naval Academy. Many students claim they feel prepared for college and have learned valuable skills beyond academics. Speaking to his graduating class Salutatorian Sean VanMeter said, “Fortunately, your Georgia Connections Academy education has prepared you to succeed in the modern business world in more ways than you might think…you learned self-motivation and initiative – skills that are essential for management positions and valuable in any situation.”

More than 4,000 students are expected to graduate from Connections Academy-supported schools as part of the Class of 2016, and will receive their diplomas at in-person commencement ceremonies in the 24 states where 12th grade is available. While more than half of this year’s graduating class plans to attend 2- or 4-year colleges, other students have plans to join the military or enter the workforce after graduation.

View the full infographic to see more of the survey results.


Connections Academy Graduation Infographic