Summer Break: be productive, adventurous, or chill

Summer Break: almost three months to do whatever you want, so make the best of it. But remember, having an amazing summer break doesn’t just happen the day after your last final, there is some in-depth strategic planning to do first.

Summer Internships I started receiving offers for summer internships as early as March. I’ve also noticed the application deadlines end rather early as well! (I missed the Hallmark internship again this year- It was March 1st) In order to get the stellar summer internship that everyone desires, you need to apply early. Around the time of midterms is when I recommend sending out your resumes and portfolios, and certainly do not wait until May to think about it.

Study Abroad Experience Traveling is fun, yet expensive over the summer since it is a high demand season and airfare tends to be elevated. This means that study abroad scholarships are all the more valuable when doing a summer semester abroad. Most schools don’t advertise their study abroad scholarships too much so check in early with your study abroad office to ensure you do not miss the application deadline. Also, if you are studying abroad over the summer it’s important to note the deadline of when you need to register for it. Some schools cut off around mid-semester before summer break (like around late March or early April.) Check with your registration office to ensure the class you wish to take in the country you wish to travel to is being offered that year. Then make sure you file all of your paperwork which you might want to get an early start on, especially if you will need a passport. During high demand seasons, passports can take around four weeks to process and be sent to you, so it’s super important to plan ahead!

Chill Okay, so perhaps chilling doesn’t take as much planning as the first two options, but you still might want to put some thought into it. Who are you chilling with and what do you want to do? A small trip to the mountains with some buddies? Book early to save money on airfare. Going to amusement parks? Negotiate rates with local agencies on tickets to get a better deal before the peak summer tourist season when there is little room to budge. Planning head, even for seemingly small trips, can save you money.

Go back to school in September with amazing stories and experiences, but start planning your summer break now to ensure you get to do what you want. Whether you are applying for internships, studying abroad, or even just chilling this summer, it’s important to note that the deadlines to apply, get in, or even save some money can be as early as mid-spring semester.

What plans do you have for summer break?

jessica-albright-thumb-150x150Jessica is a junior at Missouri State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in International Management. She will be graduating with her bachelor’s degree in December 2016, and is accepted to an accelerated Masters of Business Administration program to complete her MBA the following year. Jessica is member of Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society,  Ad Club, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Fraternity.