Stanly Community College

Albemarle, NC | community college | 5,258 students

Product: MyLab Math in MyLabsPlus
Course: Gateway math courses
Delivery method: Fully online or hybrid; boot camp
Study Plan usage: Optional, no customization

In order to comply with state policies, Stanly Community College created a just-in-time, boot camp-type intervention that would quickly get students up to speed so they could be successful in their gateway math courses that include Quantitative Literacy, Precalculus Algebra, and Statistics. The Let’s Go Racing Modules Intervention (RMI) helps students succeed by identifying gaps in prerequisite knowledge and subsequently providing appropriate lessons for review and remediation of relevant material.

“MyLab has made my job much easier as both an instructor and as the head of the math department. All sections of each course use the same assignments which helps provide homogenization across course sections.”

—Brigette Myers, Department Head of Mathematics, Stanly Community College

How did they use the Study Plan?

Once the initial two-week RMI is completed, the department uses multiple MyLab™ functions and features, including required homework, quizzes, and tests. While students are not required to answer questions in the Study Plan, they are encouraged to use it as a resource to assist them in learning the material throughout the course.

The results

Faculty encouraged all students, regardless of whether they were in need of remediation or not, to brush up on the content in the modules during the first two weeks of class, and 97% of students between Fall 2014 and Spring 2016 completed the RMI series. Based on students from Fall 2014 and Fall 2015, success rates rose 23 percentage points for those with HS GPA 2.6–2.99 and 67 percentage points for those with HS GPA 3.0 or higher.

After RMI implementation and recommended usage of the Study Plan, the average pass rates across courses increased three percentage points.

Comparison of pass rates

Figure 1. Comparison of Pass Rates Before and After RMI Implementation, Before: Fall 2013–Spring 2015 (n=313); After: Summer 2015–Spring 2016 (n=590)

“The modules in the RMI were very helpful in making sure each student covers what they’ve missed in order to succeed in the class without going over what they already know in order to make the most of their time.”

—Student, Stanly Community College