Pensacola State College

Pensacola, FL | state college | 26,000+ students

Product: MyLab Math in MyLabsPlus
Course: Developmental Math I & II
Delivery method: Emporium
Study Plan usage: Companion Study Plan*
*Not included in the overall course pass rate calculation

When Florida state litigation began to allow more students to skip developmental courses altogether, instructors at Pensacola State College (PSC) were faced with the challenge of getting the most underprepared students (those with a P.E.R.T. math placement score below 113) through the course sequence. Thus, the Title III-funded Developmental Students Redesign Project was launched. Aimed at improving student success, persistence, and learning, the project focused on the implementation of a redesigned curriculum that addressed students’ differing gaps in knowledge while bringing them all to the level of mastery needed to move on to their next course.

“The intensive practice of the Companion Study Plan, focusing on a student’s weaknesses, provides the necessary review needed in order to master the test objectives.”

—Kathryn Merritt, Associate Professor, Pensacola State College

How did they use the Study Plan?

PSC’s developmental math sequence is taught using an emporium format. All course materials are delivered via MyLab™ Math in MyLabsPlus™, with each course divided into six modules. These personalized instruction courses allow each student to skip modules in which they can demonstrate mastery and concentrate on those containing topics where they have difficulty. Students work through structured assignments under the guidance and support of an instructor and an assistant in a computer lab/classroom.

When all module homework and quizzing is complete, the student takes a PostTest on the module. If they score below 70%, the student must complete the Companion Study Plan exercises to a score of at least 80% before a retake is allowed (maximum of three retakes). The highest score earned on each PostTest is counted toward the course grade.

The results

PreTest and PostTest scores were analyzed for students who were required to complete work in modules (i.e., did not test out of a module). Students taking the Developmental Math I course improved their scores an average of 34 percentage points and students taking the Developmental Math II course improved their scores an average of 43 percentage points.

Average module test scores

Figure 1. Average Module PreTest and PostTest Scores, Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, Dev Math I (n=415); Dev Math II (n=680)

Faculty have employed several MyLab features in the courses to guide students toward success, including Personalized Homework, prerequisites, and the Companion Study Plan.