Spotlight on the Study Plan in MyLab Math and Statistics

A review of pre/post course pass rates at four institutions using the Study Plan in MyLab, as documented in educator studies.

Required Companion Study Plan usage

Guilford Technical Community College, NC
Course: Quantitative Literacy

Lehigh Carbon Community College, PA
Course: Mathematical Literacy

Pensacola State College, FL
Course: Developmental Math I & II

Saint Xavier University, IL
Course: Introduction to Algebra

Optional Study Plan usage

Ivy Tech Community College, IN
Course: Business Statistics

Stanly Community College, NC
Course: Gateway math courses

Enhancing math and statistics classes with adaptive learning in MyLab

Many articles discuss the importance of personalizing learning or providing adaptive learning resources to help students succeed. But, how can an instructor manage their limited time to include personalization?

Carefully designing your course in a MyLab™ product can provide a more personalized experience for your students by allowing you to:

  • assess each student’s knowledge base
  • prescribe an individualized question set that focuses on the objectives where the student needs help
  • integrate adaptive learning into the curriculum to enhance the student learning experience and fine-tune instructor recommendations and curricular design

MyLab Math and MyLab Statistics each provide numerous ways to personalize learning and utilize adaptive learning to enhance the course, including the Study Plan and the more customized/assignable Companion Study Plan.

The MyLab Study Plan can be utilized to varying degrees, including just for practice or assigned, whether as a separate grade or to replace homework. A well-designed Study Plan helps students stay on track. Like a GPS in a car, it helps them “recalculate” if they take a “wrong turn” in their coursework and guides them back to where they should be.

Out of the box, MyLab keeps track of objectives mastered in quizzes or tests and informs the Study Plan, showing students what they should practice. A MyLab course can also be set up so that only certain assignments or assignment types inform the Study Plan. The instructor can further control what is included in the Study Plan by modifying coverage and scoring settings in the Study Plan Manager.

If you would like students to have personalized Study Plans for an upcoming quiz or test or as remediation between attempts, you might want to use the Companion Study Plan as a prerequisite. This feature requires students to work to a designated mastery level in the Study Plan prior to taking a test, and is another way to help students identify the areas where they are struggling and simultaneously provide support. It’s a great way to provide a “safety net” for students, even in conjunction with other adaptive features.

In this review, educator studies meeting the following criteria were considered:

  • published 2015–2017
  • required either MyLab Math or MyLab Statistics
  • either required or recommended a version of the program’s Study Plan
  • data included pre/post results for course pass rates

It was found that four institutions* (six courses) met all the criteria and achieved an overall pass rate increase of 14 percentage points. The institutions who required the Companion Study Plan saw an overall increase of ten percentage points, while those who recommended the basic Study Plan experienced a pass rate increase of two percentage points. Since each institution implemented the MyLab Study Plan differently, individual summaries of implementations and results are included. For more detailed implementation, results, and student experience information, read each institution’s complete educator study by following the link at the end of each summary.

*Pensacola State College and Saint Xavier University were not included in the course pass rate data analysis since only pre/post test scores were available from those institutions.