Showing teachers appreciation for all that they do

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I love these actual quotes from students! We can see glimpses into the impact teachers make not only academically, but also personally.

“If every teacher put in as much effort as you do, more students would be excited about class. Without you, I don’t know where I’d be today. I wouldn’t be as confident or as outgoing. Thank you for doing more than you were called to do. Thank you for going above and beyond. From giving advice to being a listening ear, thank you.”
— Mackenzie Stogsdill, thanking Mrs. Petry, Owen Valley High School, Spencer, IN

“Thank you for being so inspirational!”
— Richard Slack, Oral Roberts University, thanking Mr. Silva, Claremont Junior High, Claremont, NH

“Thank you for everything you do! You not only helped me during high school, but also my middle school years. It was awesome being able to get to know you not only as a teacher, but also develop a friendship out of school! Thanks Mr. Willis”
— Stephanie Collins, Southwestern Michigan College, thanking Jeff Willis, Brandywine Jr/Sr High School, Niles, MI

“I loved how passionate you were about making sure everyone met the reading standards.”
— LaRonn Yeargain, Ivy Tech Community College, thanking Ms. Hamilton, Steele Elementary School, Denver, CO

“Thanks for pushing the limits of hard work while stressing academic integrity.”
— Patricia C. Macalindong, Early College High School, thanking Mrs. Madriaga, Laredo Early College High School, Laredo, TX

As teachers, you work tirelessly preparing lesson plans, grading and assessing assignments, researching resources, not to mention keeping your classroom organized, shaping the behavior of students, and most of all helping them learn. Even with all of the different learning styles, varying attention spans, and distractions, you manage to help students reach beyond what they think they are capable of achieving.

As a small way to say thank you, we have compiled some blog posts that we hope will brighten your day, give you a chuckle, even perhaps share an insight or two that you can add to your arsenal of wisdom. Even feel free to leave a comment expressing your appreciation for your fellow teachers. Today is about you, and we appreciate all you do.

See how much teachers are appreciated on Twitter too at #ThankATeacher.


Teacher Appreciation Blog Posts

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