MyLab Management SUNY Jefferson


MyLab Management educator study explores simulation use and exam success at SUNY Jefferson

Key Findings

  • Data indicate that students earning higher MyLab assignment scores also earned higher average quiz and exam scores.
  • Students who passed all or most of the MyLab quizzes earned higher average exam scores.
  • On an end-of-semester student survey, 92% of respondents agreed that MyLab Mini Sims were a real-world application of the chapter material that allowed them to apply course concepts to actual business challenges.

School name
State University of New York (SUNY) at Jefferson, Watertown, NY

Course name
Principles of Management

Course format
Face to face

Course materials
MyLab Management for Modern Management: Concepts and Skills by Certo and Certo

Fall 2018

Irene Wilder, Instructor

Results reported by
Candace Cooney, Pearson Results Manager


  • Locale: medium-sized, urban, public, two-year college located in upstate New York , one of the 30 community colleges that make up the SUNY system
  • Enrollment: approximately 4,000 students
  • Full-time retention rate: 56%
  • Three-year graduation rate: 25%
  • Ethnicity: 77% white, 11% Latino, 5% African American, 7% Other

About the Course

Irene Wilder has been teaching full-time at SUNY Jefferson for five years. Principles of Management is a three-credit, entry-level course enrolling approximately 200 students per semester, offered both face to face and online. The course is required of business students in the Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science programs. Principles of Management is an introduction to the skills and techniques used by management to achieve objectives. Topics include the nature of management, qualifications of a manager, theories, mechanics, and dynamics of organizations, and planning, controlling, staffing, and coordinating.

Challenges and Goals

In Spring 2018, Wilder and her colleagues invited all the major publishers to campus to present their digital homework and assessment programs in an effort to make a single, department-wide decision where all instructors and course formats would use the same materials. Several instructors had adopted a Pearson MyLab™ program in other courses and were familiar with the personalized learning experience MyLab provides. The variety of exercises in MyLab offers instructors at SUNY Jefferson flexibility in creating course assignments and also addresses the diverse learning styles of their students. A unanimous decision led to MyLab Management being adopted for Fall 2018 classes.


Students use MyLab for understanding content, homework assignments, and assessments. On a Fall 2018 end-of-semester survey of Wilder’s students, 58% of respondents said they spent 2–3 hours per week working in MyLab, while an additional 42% spent more than three hours working in the program. Assignments are completed weekly, post-lecture, and have firm due dates. MyLab assignments in Wilder’s course include Dynamic Study Modules, simulations, Personal Inventory Assessments, and chapter quizzes.

Dynamic Study Modules (DSM): These questions continuously assess student performance and activity using data and analytics to provide personalized feedback in real time, reinforcing concepts that target a student’s strengths and weaknesses. These questions provide a balance of questioning, application, and feedback, giving students a strong understanding of the chapter concepts. On the student survey, 92% of respondents agreed that the test-review-retest pattern of DSM helped them learn and remember chapter content.

Mini Sims: Acting as managers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, Mini Sims ask students to apply course concepts to realistic business challenges they are likely to experience in their future careers, covering topics like leadership, accounting, and supply and demand. Students make a series of decisions, and the Mini Sim then branches, creating various scenario paths based on answers given. This personal learning experience provides an opportunity for Wilder’s students to build and develop their critical thinking skills. Students have two attempts at completion of each exercise. On the end-of-semester survey, students indicated the following:

  • 92% of respondents agreed that the Mini Sims in MyLab provided a real-world application of the chapter material that allowed them to apply course concepts to realistic business challenges.
  • 75% of respondents agreed that the Mini Sims allowed them to practice business decision-making skills and to understand the impact of the decisions they were making.
  • 92% of respondents agreed that the simulations were a different and engaging way of working with the chapter contents.

Personal Inventory Assessments (PIA): These self-assessment activities promote self-reflection and help Wilder’s students connect personally with management concepts. Her students receive a written explanation and graphic display of their results that can be used to promote class discussion and other activities. On the end-of-semester survey, 92% of respondents agreed that the PIA allowed them to reflect on the course concepts and apply them to their personal life.

MyLab chapter quizzes are comprised of 25 multiple-choice questions with no time limit for completion. The midterm and final exams are administered through Blackboard, the school’s Learning Management System. The midterm is comprised of 35 multiple-choice questions worth two points each, and a single 30-point essay. The final exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.


  • 21% Exams
  • 21% Paper/project
  • 18% Unit chapter quizzes (13)
  • 10% Attendance/participation
  • 9% MyLab Dynamic Study Modules (13)
  • 8% Writing assignments
  • 7% MyLab Mini Sims (16)
  • 6% MyLab Personal Inventory Assessments

Results and Data

Students were placed into two groups based on the average MyLab score (DSMs and Mini Sims) of 80%. Figure 1 identifies the following:

  • Students who completed all MyLab assignments earned average quiz scores 25 percentage points higher than students who skipped at least one assignment.
  • Students who completed all MyLab assignments earned average exam scores 21 percentage points higher than students who skipped at least one assignment.

For students, completion of the formative MyLab homework assignments is intended to help them identify potential gaps that exist in their understanding of the chapter content, and may also indicate how successful they will be when completing the summative course assessments. Empirically, Wilder agrees that completion of the MyLab homework assignments should lead to improved quiz and exam scores. Students concur, with 100% of respondents on the student survey agreeing that the MyLab homework assignments positively impacted their quiz and exam scores.

Average quiz and exam scores based on MyLab assignment completion

Figure 1. Average quiz and exam scores based on MyLab assignment completion, Fall 2018 (n=46)

Wilder assigns 13 chapter quizzes in MyLab. Completion of the quizzes with a passing grade (70% or higher) may be indicative of overall course success. Data in figure 2 indicate the following:

  • Students who failed two or fewer MyLab quizzes earned an average exam score of 88%.
  • Students who failed more than two MyLab quizzes earned an average exam score of 60%.

Average exam score based on number of failed MyLab quizzes

Figure 2. Average Exam Score based on Number of Failed MyLab Quizzes, Fall 2018 (n=46)

The Student Experience

Responses from the Fall 2018 end-of-semester survey of Wilder’s students indicate that the majority of responding students recognize the value of MyLab Management.

  • 100% of respondents agreed that their understanding of the course material increased as a result of using MyLab.
  • 100% of respondents agreed that MyLab homework assignments positively impacted their quiz and exam scores.
  • 92% of respondents would recommend MyLab to another student.

Student responses to the question “What were the benefits of MyLab?” included:

  • “It was nice that I could go back to a missed question and MyLab explained why the correct answer was right. I like that it gives you another chance.”
  • “Dynamic Study Modules were a good tool to help learn, they helped me to remember the content in each chapter.”
  • “MyLab helped me study for my other assignments.”


As SUNY Jefferson sought to offer their students a digitally-enriched course, MyLab Management was adopted for the variety of resources and assessments it offered. Students in both face-to-face and online classes have diverse learning options to choose from in MyLab, including videos, simulations, and critical thinking assignments, that meet wide-ranging learning styles. As a student on the survey said, “I was able to learn the material in a different way than I had previously,” confirming that the MyLab activities were diverse, engaging, and effective. MyLab homework helped students identify their learning gaps prior to completing assessments, corroborated by the data for this course, which indicated that students completing all MyLab assignments earned higher quiz and exam scores.


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