Reimagining Educational Programs for Born-Digital Scouts


Reimagining Educational Programs for Born-Digital Scouts

Boy Scouts of America

An Iconic Brand

The Boy Scouts of America is the largest youth-serving organization in the United States, with 2.6 million youth members between the ages of 7 and 21 and 1 million adult volunteers in local councils throughout the country. The BSA believes that helping youth is a key to building a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society.

To meet the unique challenge of training young people in the digital age, the BSA sought to infuse technology into its current educational programs while preserving the core values that have built the organization into the iconic American brand it is today. The organization sought to provide more personalized Scouting experiences and learning opportunities to help youth build character, to train them in the responsibilities of citizenship, and to engage members using technology in new and innovative ways.

With the world of education changing so rapidly, the BSA needed a partner that could maximize its print-based content and gain efficiencies in acquiring, developing, and producing interactive content with next-generation educational technologies. It also looked for a company with the resources to objectively measure the effectiveness of its current programs.

Partnering for a Digital Transformation

In order to bring this digital revolution to millions of youth members and adult volunteers, the BSA turned to Pearson, the global leader in education content development, technology, and services. With Pearson’s experience in providing award-winning, online courseware and its advancements in digital educational resource creation, the BSA felt Pearson was the only partner capable of delivering the depth and breadth of services needed to help realize its vision.


Pearson’s Goals

To drive membership and volunteer growth as well as develop new revenue streams for the Boy Scouts of America by expanding digital products and distribution.

Pearson’s Challenge

To transition and expand traditional print-based educational content to an integrated online experience.

Pearson’s Solution

To launch a robust content management system and develop online courseware with assessment, social networking, apps, and games, as well as online resources for volunteer unit leaders.

We partnered with Pearson because we knew that the world’s largest provider of educational technology products and services could help us bring our brand into a more modern light and reignite interest from both our youth members and our volunteer network—the lifeblood of our organization.

Stephen Medlicott, National Marketing Group Director, Boy Scouts of America

The results will be an array of online training resources designed to keep pace with the demanding needs of digital learners and the rapid changes in the educational environment. The interactive partnership between the BSA and Pearson will produce 21st-century digital products for BSA members, promoting a more innovative, interactive, and customizable learning experience. Pearson and the BSA will deliver a groundbreaking digital repository (EQUELLA) for managing, storing, and providing shared access to content, complete with data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of the BSA’s programs.

The BSA’s renowned merit badge program will be converted into online courseware with assessment, social networking, apps, and games for an entertaining and original experience that is sure to reignite a passion for learning in old and new members alike. The new BSA online content will launch in 2015.

Engaging the Leaders of Tomorrow

The BSA believes that its new digital resources will increase the number of youth members and volunteers interested in joining the organization exponentially and will place the organization at the forefront of inspiring the nation’s future leaders in new and creative ways in a digital world.


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