A preschool streamlines its assessment process by using an online solution


A preschool streamlines its assessment process by using an online solution

Washington County NB & PW Club, Inc., Head Start/Georgia Pre-K Program, Sandersville, Georgia

Washington County Head Start ProgramIn 2011, the Bright from the Start: Georgia’s Pre-K Program asked its preschools to use The Work Sampling System®, an authentic performance assessment, to monitor student progress. Since Georgia’s Pre-K Program provides funding for the operation of the Blended Head Start/Georgia Pre-K classrooms, the Washington County NB and PW Club decided to implement Work Sampling for Head Start so that its teachers did not have to complete two different assessments and the program would have one unified assessment tool for all its Head Start preschool classrooms.

Lee Aycock, education coordinator, Washington County NB and PW Club, Inc., is happy with the solution. It ensures the assessment data is reliable and consistent and meets the state’s and Head Start’s requirements. “What I love is that The Work Sampling System is aligned to our state and the Head Start framework so it’s clear to the teachers, especially the new ones, what they are assessing the children on,” she explained.

Work Sampling Online provides us with accurate data to really look at and evaluate what we’re doing.

In 2013, when the online version of the solution was launched, Aycock saw an opportunity to improve the assessment process. Work Sampling Online allows teachers to include evidence and make comments on the five early learning domains (Language and Literacy, Cognition and General Knowledge, Approaches to Learning, Physical Well-Being and Motor Development, and Social and Emotional Development), so that all the information on a student is located in a single place.

Last year, Washington County purchased tablets for each of the preschool classroom teachers to further streamline the process. Teachers can now enter their observations wherever they are—at the playground, on a field trip—and can easily take and save photos and videos to demonstrate student progress.

Teacher, administrator, and parent feedback on Work Sampling Online has been positive. Aycock reported that the system has saved teachers a lot of time. “Once they learn to use the system, they love it. Just to be able to post a piece of evidence and have the ability to link it to more than one domain, that’s time management for them.”

As an administrator, Aycock appreciates being able to access the data online. “I need to monitor the assessment process to make sure everyone’s on task,” she explained. “I can go right to the teachers’ checklist screen and get them on the phone, and we can both look at things that they’re doing. I can see areas they may have overlooked. It’s right there—I’m looking at it and they’re looking at it. It’s a wonderful monitoring tool.”

Aycock concluded, “And it’s wonderful for the parents. They love to see portfolios with all the evidence of what their child has done. In fact, I met with a parent this week and she shared with me how she could see the progress her child had made by observing the evidence that we had collected. She noticed how details in her child’s work samples progressed as the year went on. She could see how her child was trying to express himself in his work samples and she was amazed.”

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