It Takes a Village

Build a strong community of digital learning supporters and find funding

Learn how to get stakeholder support to implement new online and blended learning models. Teachers and parents play critical roles in the academic success of students. A wide range of stakeholders — including librarians, IT directors, and business leaders — all have their parts to play in the school community as well. Get them all on the same page and you can master the shift to digital and truly transform learning.

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Parents in your school community

The research confirms that students’ home lives affect their learning and that greater parent involvement in schools benefits students, resulting in:

  1. Higher academic achievement
  2. Increased attendance rates
  3. Positive student attitudes and behaviors
  4. Student readiness and interest in their work
  5. Increased parent satisfaction with teachers
  6. Higher teacher satisfaction ratings


Other digital learning stakeholders

Business leaders and higher education institutions have changing expectations for students. To transform learning, build a strong community of stakeholders who bring unique perspectives, capabilities, and funding resources to the table. A few voices you may want to add to your school community include:

  • Education technology leaders
  • Technology and infrastructure (IT) directors
  • Librarians and media specialists
  • Community and/or business leaders
  • School board members
  • Local and regional college administrators
  • Local Internet providers

Use technology to boost parent engagement

Communication between parents and teachers is no longer limited to conferences. Here are some ways teachers can use technology to keep parents engaged in your digital learning program:

  • Create a short email newsletter and/or update your website to let parents know what topics you’re covering in class and what homework you expect students to complete. Include curriculum-related questions that parents can ask their children at home.
  • Use email to keep parents updated on field trips, PTA meetings, and other school activities.
  • Offer opportunities to have students and parents extend learning via online games or videos.



Get input and agreement from a wide range of supporters and keep them involved to sustain lasting change in your school or district.
Digital Parent Night Toolkit

Engage parents in your digital learning program by creating powerful parent nights at your school. This toolkit includes everything you need to plan a successful event and build a strong community of supporters in your district.

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12 Ways Digital Tools Power Parent Engagement

Parent engagement is integral to a student’s success in school. While it’s clear that effective digital learning has greatly improved student engagement, achievement, and overall excitement for learning, how has it impacted parents?
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