An aspiring nurse completes two math classes in one semester, with the help of personalized learning

A nurse takes a patient's blood pressure.

Ana Perea has wanted to go into medicine since she was a young girl. “I was always interested in the human body,” she explained. “And then my dad was studying psychology and he was taking anatomy, so it was really cool to see him learning about a lot of things and telling me about it. I think that got me more interested.”

Ana moved to Colorado from Venezuela two years ago because her father was asked to be a pastor for Spanish speakers in Denver. She already knew some English when she moved to the United States, having studied it at home in Venezuela. She’d also taken an ESL class at the Community College of Aurora (CCA) in Colorado, when she visited her aunt in Denver for six months before the move. Having lived here for a while at this point, Ana remarked, “I feel super confident talking in English, and I understand everything.”

Now a part-time student at CCA, Ana is enrolled in the Integrated Nursing Pathway program. By the end of the four-year program, she will have a bachelor of science in nursing.

In her required face-to-face developmental math class at CCA, Ana used Pearson’s MyMathLab®, an online program with personalized learning features. She found the program easy to use, and she liked the extra practice problems it provided. She also appreciated the program’s flexibility. “It was really cool that I could do my tests and quizzes at home,” she commented.

The program includes a variety of resources to provide students with online math help, which Ana found valuable. “They have videos. They also have the book online. I was stuck one time in an exercise,” Ana said, “and the option to view an example wasn’t helping me. So I just clicked on ‘go to the book online,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, I had to do this and this and that.’ You have everything there in the same system.”

Ana also greatly benefited from the program’s personalized learning. When she entered her developmental math class, she already knew some of the content from her schooling in Venezuela. Because the math program lets students work at their own pace, she didn’t have to repeat that content. “MyMathLab gives you an option to do a pre-quiz, and if you pass the pre-quiz, you don’t have a lot of homework to do. So you get through the objective much faster,” she explained.

With MyMathLab, it was my pace that I was following. No one had to wait for me, and I didn’t have to wait for anyone else.


As a result of the online program’s personalized learning, Ana was able to complete the fifteen-week course in just seven-and-a-half weeks. She then enrolled in an online college algebra course, which also uses Pearson’s technology. She completed both courses in one semester.

“What keeps me motivated,” Ana remarked, “is that I really want to be successful and I really want to have a career. I want to be able to sustain myself in the future.”