Personalized learning and graduation rates increase after digital credit recovery program adoption


Personalized learning and graduation rates increase after digital credit recovery program adoption

Mooresville Graded School District, Mooresville, North Carolina

Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD) in North Carolina is well known as a pioneer in the digital conversion movement. The district undertook a conversion in 2007, and it continues to research and invest in digital solutions to help close the achievement gap.

MGSD’s Mi-Waye Program, an alternative program located in the N. F. Woods Advanced Technology and Arts Center, includes sixty-three students, some of whom had failed courses due to irregular attendance and others who struggled with subject fundamentals. Mi-Waye staff members spent years customizing their own credit recovery system from books and paper. In 2009, they decided the time was right to implement a digital solution.

Mi-Waye selected GradPoint®, a set of online courses and services now part of the Pearson Connexus suite of offerings, for a pilot program in the fall of 2010. With GradPoint, students benefit from a personalized learning experience, bypassing topics that they demonstrate mastery of in order to focus on the specific topics that they need to learn.

I like [GradPoint] because I can work at my own pace and get immediate results.

Mi-Waye Student, Mooresville Graded School District, NC

“Every kid learns differently so engaging kids in different ways is very important,” explained Principal Devry Gibbs. “GradPoint helps tailor instruction, enabling us to meet kids individually. It also helps with differentiation. In my mind, it’s almost like having an individualized education plan for each student, meeting students where they are and moving them to the next level.”

Results from the pilot program were so positive that Mooresville adopted GradPoint and expanded the program to include high school students attending summer school. Between June 2013 and June 2014, students recovered 214 credits of which 75 percent were customized based on the circumstances of failure (e.g., attendance or weaknesses in certain topics). Mi-Waye graduation rates have increased by 10 to 15 percent since the digital program was implemented.

Learn more about the implementation by reading the success story.

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Credits recovered, June 2013–June 2014

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