Peer Talk: Perspectives from our Student Advisory Board Members

Last year we began a series of blog posts written by our first ever Pearson Student Advisory Board (PSAB) members. This group of 11 talented and diverse college students shared their perspectives and insights regarding some of the issues at the forefront of a changing higher education landscape. The series of posts was called “Real Talk” and each student chose what topic that interested them and from the feedback we received, people really enjoyed them.

So this year, we decided to continue the idea of a series of blog posts with the new 2014-2015 cohort of PSAB members. But this time we are calling the series “Peer Talk” and asked our student advisory members to write posts addressing topics and issues that could help, inspire, and encourage other students who are currently on their journey through postsecondary academia. Each student chose their own topic and crafted how they wanted to address it. Starting next week, we will post a new entry every Wednesday for 13 weeks.

This great group of students from across the U.S. and Canada will talk about such great topics as creating a successful journey through college, getting involved in active citizenry, making learning life changing, and how to become employable. While these posts are written for other college students, having read many of them already, I know that we can all learn from their perspectives, no matter our age. To keep the conversation going, your comments and questions for the bloggers are welcome in the comments section.

While they have been putting their thoughts into blog posts, the PSAB members have also been working with Pearson leaders and technology developers to give insights and perspectives about our emerging products and services, as well as challenges and opportunities in today’s education marketplace. We have gathered this group specifically to hear from learners today and what they want in education. Learn more about the Student Advisory Board, or even how to become a member for the 2015-2016 season, at our higher education student website.