Teaching and Learning the Recursive Reading/Writing Strategy

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Presented by D.J Henry at the Speaking About English Online Professional Development Conference, April 4, 2014.

“Teaching and Learning the Recursive Reading/Writing Strategy” illustrates ways to combine research-based, classroom-tested best practices of reading and writing into a recursive strategy for engaging with and creating text. The reading/writing strategy guides students to activate prior knowledge, ask and answer questions, infer and imply, develop vocabulary, make meaning, as well as, evaluate, synthesize, and apply new information as readers and writers. The presentation explains and illustrates the specific phases of the reading/writing strategy with classroom ready learning activities and graphics. The discussion of the strategy includes topics such as reading/writing to learn, modeling and assigning think-alouds for readers and writers, and types of written responses to reading selections.

Presenter Bio

D.J. Henry is a veteran teacher with over 25 years of community college classroom experience and an acclaimed textbook author. During the course of her teaching career, D.J. Henry has served on several federally funded grants designed to infuse teaching and learning with sound pedagogies and technological supports. D.J. Henry has extensive experience in the standardized testing of literacy competencies. She worked with the State of Florida from 1982 to 2002 as an item writer, rubric writer, and reader for the College Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) and the State Developmental Reading and Writing Exit Exam. D.J. Henry also served as a reader for the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE) for over 15 years.

D.J. Henry has several esteemed publications, including a three-book college reading series with Pearson (The Skilled Reader, The Effective Reader, and The Master Reader) and a two-book writing series (Writing for Life). Additionally, she has also published innovations in authentic assessments that utilize student portfolio pedagogies. A passionate educator and dedicated colleague, D.J. Henry continues to share her expertise in reading, writing, and authentic assessment through numerous presentations and workshops at national, regional, and local conferences and individual colleges.

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