Re-Imagining the Rhetorical Situation

Presented by Sid Dobrin at the Speaking About English Online Conference on October 17, 2013.

In this presentation, Sid Dobrin will address ways in which a more complex—not more complicated—approach to the rhetorical situation can open doors for student writers to better recognize and evaluate the contexts in which they write. Dobrin will show how such an approach can help students better navigate between increasingly dynamic writing situations in which students find themselves. Dobrin will present a situation-based pedagogical approach that is adaptable for college writing students of varying abilities and backgrounds.

Sid Dobrin is the Research Foundation Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of English at the University of Florida where for ten years he directed the writing program. He is an author and editor of numerous books, including Postcomposition which was awarded the 2011 W. Ross Winterowd Award for best book published in composition theory. He has several other books scheduled to be published soon, including Writing Situations, a comprehensive first-year rhetoric from Pearson.

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