Openness and Twitter: Investigating Levels of Engagement at CCCC 2014 by Kristi McDuffie

My conference experience, and thus my foray into conference tweeting, began with a pre-conference morning workshop titled, “Breaking Down Barriers and Enabling Access: (Dis)Ability in Writing Classrooms and Programs.” I had been nervous about tweeting the conference for weeks on end, mostly due to the oh-so-very public nature of tweeting. Prior to the conference, my tweets were mostly in the form of sharing links and re-posts from others. I rarely used hashtags to engage in ongoing conversations.

I hadn’t planned to start my foray into academic tweeting at this workshop (I had planned to tweet a couple of specific panels). But I saw others clicking away at laptops, tablets, and cellphones, and decided to dive in. I started with a basic tweet, describing what was happening at the workshop and commenting about what I liked about it.