Pearson Pups!

On March 13th, I hosted a very special event at Western University on behalf of Pearson Students. – Pearson Pups! The event, with the official hash-tag #PearsonPups, is designed to give back to the school community.

I held the event during midterm season, where many students were stressed from studying. For the event, I brought in therapy dogs and refreshments to help students take a productive and fun study break. I even spoke to a few groups of interested students on the opportunities available at Pearson, and overall, everyone had a fantastic time.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about how this event came together so I thought I would share my journey of planning #PearsonPups here today!

The Idea

The idea came together at one of the Pearson Campus Ambassador brainstorming sessions we had in November 2014. We were brainstorming was “what would be the best way to give back to students?” I came up with this idea with my partner, Courtney Welborn. We thought of the comforts that students did not have access to at school. Our discussion centered on family, which then shifted to family pets, which then led to a conversation on how we can get students access to animals for comfort, and that was how the idea of Pearson Pups was created!

The Problem

Planning Pearson Pups was not a simple process. The biggest challenges I faced were getting in contact with an organization that supplied official therapy dogs, and booking a room at Western University. Originally, I tried to tackle these problems myself, but it was both very time consuming and very costly for me to find a partner organization and a facility.

The Solution

What I did to solve both my problems was to partner with the Western Wildlife Conservation Society (WWCS). I found that partnering with a campus club is a great way to gain access to Western’s facilities as well as to show support to student run organizations. WWCS booked the Pearson Pups room, and already had an existing relationship with St. John’s Ambulance, who supplied official therapy dogs. In return, I, and the wonderful team at Pearson Canada, was happy to sponsor the event with delicious refreshments and co-lead the planning.

The Big Day

On the day of the event, we had five fantastic therapy dogs and their owners and over 60 students attend!

I hope this post gave you a little insight on how I planned #PearsonPups, and how you can plan one at your school, office, or organization as well!

12.Samantha WuSamantha “Sammi” Wu is majoring in Business Management and Organizational Studies at Western University in Ontario, Canada. She wants to pursue a career in finance after graduating.