Increase student confidence, engagement, and success with online tutoring

Today’s students are digital natives, so whether they‘re face-to-face with tutors online or in-person, they’re savvy at getting the help they need. So, support their success with online tutoring. Data shows that online tutoring can help increase student confidence, engagement, and outcomes.

Tear down the roadblocks to engagement

As a student, getting stuck on a concept or problem and not knowing how to move forward can feel like coming up against a brick wall — and no one likes running into a brick wall. Lend students a hand by helping them overcome their learning obstacles. With online tutoring students can get help when and where they need it, rather than giving up in frustration. Online tutoring services, like Smarthinking, let students access live and asynchronous tutoring help at the point of need, so students can get immediate support to overcome academic roadblocks and continue on their learning paths.

A bird’s eye view for precise instruction

Don’t guess at what your students are struggling with when you have the data to guide you. Smarthinking “Taxonomy Reports” highlight the specific concepts that students have sought help for in their classes. This information is categorized and logged by Smarthinking tutors after each tutoring session so instructors can easily pinpoint what their students are having trouble understanding. Instructors know what students are struggling with before exams and can address the issues beforehand. The data and reports can also help instructors plan their programs, curriculums, and activities better.

Early intervention to stop problems at their roots

It’s not always easy to see when a student needs additional academic intervention, but Smarthinking Alerts can help. These alerts were designed to flag students who may be at risk. After a tutoring session, tutors can record alerts that will then display in the reporting dashboard. Instructors and administrators can clearly see sessions that were flagged and find out the exact issues the student is struggling with. This lets instructors respond quickly to emerging issues and improve learning outcomes.

Success and satisfaction with Smarthinking

The vast majority of students who use Smarthinking tutoring services would recommend them to a friend. We’ve also repeatedly shown significant improvements in key student success metrics such as course completion. Here are some of our results from recent studies:

  • 83% of students indicated they had more confidence in their academic skills after working with Smarthinking tutors
  • 100% of students surveyed said they intended to keep using Smarthinking tutoring services
  • Students accessing Smarthinking tutoring services averaged a 2.82 GPA compared to a 2.26 for all students surveyed
  • Students enrolled in a pilot program with Smarthinking online writing tutors were 8x more likely to complete courses than non-users

Insider advice

“As each of us learns to manage our time and responsibilities in this ever-changing world, it’s important that we use all the resources available. The LMS offers a variety of tools to make virtual learning engaging and flexible, a win-win for both students and ourselves. The LMS also offers many resources for faculty by providing the tools to manage the class virtually, such as checklists, various communication options, and ease of grading.” — Kathy Adams McIntosh, Business Tutoring Coordinator

How else can online tutoring support your virtual classroom?

Get the infographic and explore three other ways online tutoring can empower your students to succeed, no matter where they are.


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About the author
Christa Ehmann

Christa Ehmann

Christa Ehmann Powers is a leader in the development of online tutoring and instructional services in the US and internationally, having headed the education department of Smarthinking since its founding in 1999. She initially developed the unique protocols and mechanisms for online tutoring, and thereafter implemented the operational systems to manage the growth of Smarthinking, which now tutors hundreds of thousands of students each year. Christa has taught and worked worldwide in the field of online tutoring and education, including as a member of the board of directors for Learning Ally — a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving individuals equal access to learning by making reading accessible for all learners.

young woman studying on laptopSmarthinking combines 24×7 academic support in core subject areas, professional guidance for improving students’ writing, and actionable data that help administrators and faculty optimize their engagement strategy with students. This personalized support helps students grow their confidence, build on their skills, and improve engagement, retention, and completion rates.