Online learning gave me time to realize my potential

For me, online learning first began out of curiosity. I wondered how it worked, if it was easier or more difficult, and if I would like it. After taking my first online class, I found that it was similar to an in-person class, but that the additional time outside the classroom allowed me to put more effort into other things, like extracurricular activities and my job, all without sacrificing my grade.

Out of necessity and a craving for more time outside the classroom, one online class quickly turned into five. I work full-time at the Children’s Creative Learning Center on my campus, am an ambassador for Pearson, and am heavily involved on campus. Although working on campus and being involved in campus organizations would make it seem convenient to attend classes, it is actually the opposite. I was unable to find classes outside my 40-hour work week so attending classes interrupted my work schedule and reduced my weekly hours and therefore my paycheck. Since I student set up at home for online learningfully support myself, I was left struggling to pay my bills and the stress inadvertently affected my schoolwork. Looking for a solution where I can take classes and support myself, I became a fully online student and I could not be happier.

Online classes have given me the freedom to work a full-time job plus a part-time ambassadorship, all while maintaining my relationships with friends and keeping up with campus involvements. But that is not the only thing online classes has allowed me to do. They have allowed me to explore and enhance my personal learning capabilities. My time management, teamwork, and communication skills have drastically transformed as I am now fully responsible for my learning and my college experience. I want to learn and I want to have fun while doing it; and apparently, that is all you need to be successful in an online class. If you have those two things, the rest follow suit. I didn’t train myself to manage my time or seek help on how to work with a team, being in an online class informally taught me those things.

The most important thing when taking an online class is to continue to dedicate time and effort to not just your classwork, but to socialization with the professor and your classmates. Without doing that, I would not have enjoyed my online classes as much as I have and therefore, I definitely wouldn’t have learned as much, and that is the whole point, right?

AlexandraHeadshotAlex was born and raised in New Jersey but decided to move to the Sunshine State for her college career. She is currently a Senior at Florida International University in Miami, Florida and is pursuing Double Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Marketing. She also works at the campus pre-school, The Children’s Creative Learning Center, as the Lead Office Assistant, allowing her to spend her days surrounded by kids, which she loves. Alex is involved in and holds leadership positions in many campus organizations and is an active and proud member of her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi.  Her dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, as she has been nominated for Student Employee of the Year, won most dedicated sister of her sorority, and is a Jelke Family Scholar. In her free time, she enjoys reading, trying new recipes, traveling, and playing with her rescued pup and cat.