One teacher’s passion inspired me to find my own

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Education has helped me throughout my lifetime. From helping me learn basic skills such as reading, writing and basic math in elementary school to more complex skills like calculus, political science and social theories and ethics in college. Throughout my time in school I have not just learned many different things but I have learned in itself to enjoy learning. I believe the education I have received has led me to a desire to always strive to learn more and further my existing knowledge.

I started my educational journey at Greenwood Hills elementary in Richardson Texas and am now studying Computer Information Systems at Texas State University in San Marcos. As a young student I seemed to always enjoy other things beside school. Recess and lunchtime were the only things I enjoyed during my early schooling. It took a while for me to grasp what was relevant about school. It wasn’t till my late high school years that I began to truly appreciate what school and learning actually did for me. I believe one cause for this change was the growing awareness of what a lack of education can ultimately do for a person. I began noticing how education leads to opportunities for oneself.

During my high school years I had certain teachers who still stand out to this day. They seemed to be passionate and always engaged about their field of study and passing that passion on to their students. One of my teachers Mr. Bess, a physics teacher, which I can say was not my favorite subject, always seemed so eccentric to me. I believe his attitude and enthusiasm about his subject inspired me to find a passion like that of my own and make it my goal in life to learn everything I can about that subject and enjoy the process of it. I believe Mr. Bess to be a major contributor to my desire to pursue a degree in CIS and continue my education. I remember after that class I took my schooling a lot more serious than before and paid a lot more attention to my grades and academics.

Now in my college years I find myself looking forward to most of my classes. Yes there are some that I still dread and wish I didn’t always have to attend but I still am appreciative of my professors and their passion for their fields of study. I hope to one day be a programmer and develop applications to be used on smart phones. I hope to continue learning late into my years and always have that curiosity to learn new things.


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Travis Clugston

Travis Clugston

Travis is a computer information system major in the McCoy School of Business at Texas State. He is currently a junior and plans to graduate June 2017. Travis also participates in Greek life and is a current member of Delta Tau Delta where he is on the Academic Board.