My teachers inspired me, and I want to inspire others to pursue education

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The son of a mother who emigrated from Russia, I would have been like any other student, any other American, if not for the passionate teachers of an otherwise regular suburban high school. They drove me to hunger for knowledge, to gaze beyond the curriculum and minimum standards to find out what I could achieve with my own set of 100 billion sparking neurons. My teachers lent me the gift of their dedication, an invaluable force inspiring me to internalize their confidence in me.

Lifted on their shoulders, I have reached greater heights than I ever thought imaginable: an Ivy League education in data science, evolutionary biology, electrical engineering, and neuropsychology, life-changing studies abroad in Argentina and Chile, and the opportunity to be challenged by some of the most remarkable minds of our time. I have been able to explore myriad ways of reciprocating their gift, including launching a weekday workout campaign, contributing to neuropsychology research, and directing writing and public service programming for Boston high school students to maximize their opportunities for higher education.

Most of all, in these four years at Harvard I have learned that I feel most fulfilled when empowering others. I want my contribution to strike a balance between the individual and scale, efficiently making use of computational and educational methods and theory to engage our most valuable cognitive resource: our students.

I live close to a beach in my hometown, where if you step past the trillions of rocks and coalescent specks of sand, you can rest on a stone boat ramp overlooking the water: warm and effervescent in sunlight, and fulminating with reflections of far off beacons in twilight. I can’t tell with certainty where the future will lead me. But I know that it is one where a roll of the dice does not decide whether you receive the same gift that I did; it is a future of accessible, statistically rigorous, and gratifying personalized instruction igniting an endless ocean, a new generation of scintillatingly brilliant minds.


About the Author
Alan Rozet

Alan Rozet

After life-changing experiences abroad in Argentina and Chile, Alan Rozet found that he was all about brains: seeing how they work, and learning how to help others build theirs. On campus, Alan researches social agents, object knowledge, and decision-making, and takes courses exploring neuroanatomy, data science, and evolutionary psychology, in hopes of understanding our incredible human experience. After graduation, with this perspective in mind, he plans to improve the quality and impact of learning experiences worldwide.

Alan is the student director for the Harvard Writing Program’s Writing and Public Service Initiative, which pairs Boston high school students with Harvard undergrads to maximize their opportunities for higher education. Previously, he launched and led a weekday cardio workout campaign at Harvard, drawing dozens of students and faculty every morning to get fit and stay fit. This year, Alan is ready to work passionately in service of students with his fellow stellar Pearson Advisory Board members.