My education is helping me step outside my comfort zone

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Learning has given me a level of confidence I never knew I could have. Without my education, I would have never taken the leap to apply to college, let alone thrive once I was accepted to my dream school. My confidence has also allowed me to take pride in my abilities, by applying to various leadership positions on campus, while also practicing humility in understanding that I still have so much more to learn from my professors and mentors. My ongoing education at the University of Florida has opened doors, and encouraged me to consider career paths that I would never have thought of. I’ve become inspired by what can be achieved through research, particularly in the health science field, and have since turned to majoring in public health.

Additionally, with education, I’ve learned the importance of service above self, and how crucial it is to give back. I’ve been able to combine my love for service with health science, by majoring in public health. I hope to apply my major and make a difference, by committing myself to the Peace Corps. Without learning, I would have never dreamed to expand my experiences beyond my comfort zone, or dedicate myself to a career so “out of the box.” My education truly has pushed me to go beyond self-centered thinking, and to seek out knowledge and traits that I value in others. With fingers crossed, Peace Corps 2018 here I come!


About the Author
Haley Schavemaker

Haley Schavemaker

Haley is a sophomore at the University of Florida, currently studying public health. Haley is currently interning with Children’s Miracle Network, and hopes to one day work for a non-profit organization.