MIT Boot Camp in Brazil: A summer I’ll never forget

The summer break of 2018 was a special one. I first went back to Japan, my home country. Then I worked part-time to save some money. However, the most memorable experience of my summer was when I went to Brazil to participate in a week-long MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

I first found out about MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp on EdX where I massively took random courses during my gap semester. I never thought that this discovery would influence my life so dramatically. As I have been interested in solving social problems through launching a company, I submitted my application while thinking I would not get selected (acceptance rate is 7~10%). Needless to say, I  screamed with joy when I got the letter of acceptance! My journey to the MIT Bootcamp started from there. Here are three lessons I learned along the way.

Have Faith in What You Do: Be Disciplined

MIT Bootcamp was extremely expensive; tuition for the one-week program was over $6,000. So, I started to fund raise. However, the public was not always as supportive as I’d hoped and some even harshly denounced my efforts. I was first battered by these “rejections,” but I never gave up hope. After over 4 months of hard work I finally collected enough funds. After this part of my experience, I learned the importance of being disciplined to what one believes. Naysayers exist no matter what we do.

You Are Not Perfect and Will Never Be: Hence Teamwork

When the program started and I was assigned to a group, I was very nervous. Not having much work experience and hard skills, I wasn’t sure if I could offer benefit to a team mostly comprised of mid-career professionals with MBA degrees. Yet, that was an unnecessary worry. After realizing that everyone had different specializations, I learned that nobody can be perfect. Even if they have 10+ experience in business, it doesn’t mean they’ll make the right decision every time. Teams exist so we can cover each member’s weaknesses. I learned the significance of a team and got reassured that we all make mistakes regardless of our backgrounds.

Pursue what YOU like

The decision to attend MIT Bootcamp was not easy even after I had collected funds. I haven’t had previous internship experience and while my friends were getting internships for summer, I was concerned that I would be missing out. Society does have trends and expectations, such as completing an internship as a necessary step to get a job. However, it is also important to think about what matters to you and to pursue it even if it contradicts what other people are doing. Doing something that deviates required a lot of courage. However, in retrospect, I am confident that it was the right decision to attend MIT Bootcamp.

Overall, my summer was very fulfilling. Not only did I learn entrepreneurship deeply and network with 120+ individuals from 40+ countries, I have also learned a number of life lessons including those shared here.

Pearson Students: It’s not too early to think about how you’ll spend your next summer break! What are you considering? Internships? Study Abroad? Share your ideas and plans in the comments below!



Daiki Yoshioka is an international student from Japan studying Comparative Literature and Philosophy at Binghamton University, State University of New York. He is interested in education and social entrepreneurship. He serves as one of undergraduate representatives for the SUNY Student Assembly and works as a writing tutor. He has attended Youth Assembly at the United Nations and MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Daiki is serving as a Regional Ambassador for UNITE 2030, a hackathon for social entrepreneurs. His dream is to launch an initiative to make the society a more equitable place for all. He speaks Japanese and English and studies Chinese and French.

Daiki is a frequent contributor to the Pearson Students Blog. If you are a college student and interested in writing for us –  click here to pitch your idea and get started!


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