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Tests, quizzes, and finals are all something college students dread taking. At the beginning of our college careers, many of us don’t know how to study in this new academic setting. To combat that, Pearson conducted months of research to identify the most effective study methods for students. From their findings, three of the best study tips were identified and a flyer (3 of the Best Study Tips) was produced to get the word out to college campuses across the country. I have the wonderful experience of working with Pearson as a Campus Ambassador. After seeing this flyer I had the opportunity to sit down with researcher Dan Belenky, Director of Learning Science Research at Pearson, to learn more about the process behind his team’s research as well as some other helpful study tips he had to offer.

Dan Belenky

The Purpose

Pearson could easily be seen as just an educational publishing company, but they have also committed themselves to helping students succeed. They have a clear mission message, “to help people make progress in their lives through learning.” Through their products they have been able to create tools that help students not just pass their classes, but truly learn the material. Dan and his team have also committed themselves to not only ensuring that Pearson’s products are lining up with what students need, but also helping students understand what they need to do to achieve success.

The Process

You may think you have already heard some of these tips featured on the flyer, but probably don’t actually use them. Pearson now has research behind it to say these methods really do work and will help you in the long run. Dan explained how they looked at research that had already been done as well as conducted their own. From there they worked with designers to create how the information would be featured on the flyer.

The Product

Because of Pearson’s desire to help students academically as much as they can, they have been able to put together a lot of resources. The 3 of the Best Study Tips flyer is no exception as they have brought together three surefire ways to get the most out of each study session

  1. The first is to practice what you learned in order to be sure you are understanding what you are studying before you try to remember more. 
  2. The second is to space out your studying by planning ahead and scheduling shorter study sessions for each day so you aren’t cramming on the last day before a test. 
  3. For the third tip, they explain you need to make the material make sense to you. You can do that through studying with classmates or asking yourself questions throughout your studying.

The Perks

While talking with Dan, I was able to get some additional great study tips that he has found. He explained that we students are good at tricking ourselves into believing we understand what we are studying, when in reality that isn’t always the case. To combat that, we must identify the study methods that help us learn best and work to develop good study habits using those methods. Use the core tips like the ones above but also look for different and creative ways like playing learning activities and creating goals. Incorporate a lot of self-checking in order to make sure what you are doing is working. Throughout our conversation it was apparent that Dan and his team want to help students get their best grades. 

Whether it is a test or final exam you are studying for, you want to be able to get the 100 whenever possible. Pearson wants to help you do that by giving you proven tips. While these aren’t the be-all and end-all for study techniques, they will help you get started in finding the study habits that work best for you.

Pearson Students: What is your most effective study method? Share your ideas by commenting below!


Emily Bugg is a senior at Auburn University majoring in Public Relations. She is also the Pearson Campus Ambassador for Auburn as well as the editor for the Pearson Students Blog. When Emily isn’t writing or editing, you can probably find her playing ultimate frisbee, hiking, or baking.


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