Arming students with the tools for lifelong career success

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Do graduating seniors and incoming college freshmen know what career path they should choose, and do they have the necessary skills to be successful? Many educators and employers agree this is an area where students could use more resources.

Pearson Career Success (PCS), an online preparation platform, provides access to a roadmap that helps students explore and understand where they want to go, how they’re going to get there, and what they need to do to stand out from the crowd. Instruction and learning experiences are also provided to help students acquire the skills and capabilities they need to be successful.

PCS provides the bridge between academic readiness and career readiness. Academic Success Modules such as Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Test Taking Skills give students opportunities to engage in learning and scenarios to apply the necessary skills for success. Educators can choose curriculum relevant modules for students to work on.

Also, PCS provides Career Success Modules such as Building an Academic Plan, a Career Portfolio, and developing networking skills. Guided instruction and practice equip students with real life skills necessary to be successful in a chosen career. The modules are not just assignments, but self-discovery tools provided to students as they mature through their academic journey.

Pearson is committed to understanding and identifying the needs of employers hiring new college graduates, and serving the needs of institutions preparing students for college or the workforce. The broad suite of assessments and instructions within the PCS platform is built upon decades of cumulative research by prominent leaders in this field.

Finally, PCS provides state-of-the-art coaching and tools for “presenting” themselves to employers as desirable employees. Engaging students in opportunities to develop career readiness skills can assist them in career success for life.

About the author
Donna Butler

Donna Butler

Donna is the Faculty Advisor for College and Career Readiness. As the former College and Career Readiness Coordinator for Owensboro Community & Technical College, Donna served on state wide work-groups which launched the Corequisite Model, which enables students to gain necessary prerequisite skills needed while at the same time completing a credit bearing college course. She also worked extensively with the high school dual credit program which enables students to become college ready before entering college. No stranger to Pearson, Donna has consulted with many other schools on their implementation of MyLabs in Foundations, Skills, and Writing for the past 9 years and is often seen presenting at national and regional conferences. In her spare time, Donna enjoys spending time with her family outdoors doing things like hiking, boating, gardening, and kayaking!