Learning something through every challenge

students taking on a workout challenge

Whether it be a fun, little bet with a friend or a pledge to yourself, challenges help us learn more about motives, self-control, and ourselves. Whether it be going a week without a phone or not using the elevators for the semester- there is something interesting learned through every challenge, and I encourage all Pearson Students to challenge themselves this semester and share your experiences.

Challenge yourself. You need to pick a challenge that really speaks to you. Is fitness a concern of yours, but you don’t even know where to find the gym? Start small by challenging yourself not to take the elevator for the whole semester. Four flights of stairs two times a week is the same as an hour in the gym, right?! Or if you notice your probably on your phone more than you should be, challenge yourself to go a certain period of time without it. Dare your friends to go along with it too and maybe have a competition on who can go the longest without their phones. Be creative to ensure that the challenge will be meaningful to you.

Seek Support. Online communities are great for keeping you on track and giving you a motivating boost in the midst of a challenge. My favorite is BuzzFeed, because you can read other people’s stories, as well as share your own. Their challenges are pretty crazy, like eating only cheerios for a month, but it allows you to see that something can be learned from anything, even a circle shaped breakfast cereal. If you are going for a fitness challenge, apps like PACTAPP tie into your bank account and pay you for achieving your goal. However, if you don’t keep up with your goal or challenge, they will withdraw the money you have set for the challenge. The money serves as an extra incentive to support your challenge, as well as ties you with an online community fitted with similar goals.

Learn from it. Reflect on what you learned. Ask yourself questions like, “What was my biggest struggle?” “Why was this a struggle for me?” I went over a week without my cell phone, but the experience I gained from it allowed me to write a whole blog inspiring others to liberate themselves from their phones. You can read about my reflection here: Liberating myself from my cell phone.

Pearson Students, will you step up to the challenge? What will you be daring yourself to do this semester? How will you seek support? Be sure to document your struggle AND your success and then share with others. Together we will learn through each other’s experiences!

Jessica Albright

Jessica Albright