Why you should learn to love the weekdays

student writing in deadlines on calendar

I know everyone looks forward to the weekends. Who doesn’t? No class, no work, Netflix all day, sleeping in… The list goes on. But, if you’re just constantly waiting for the next day to come, and the next, so that you can get to the weekend, you’re simply wishing away time. Let’s learn to look forward to every day of the week (yes, including Monday.)

By wishing away every day, you’re wishing away the opportunity to do so many things: spend time with loved ones, laugh over a silly mistake, bond with coworkers, and even attend class and do homework. You may be thinking you didn’t read those last two correctly. Yes, by wishing away classes and instead looking forward to what you’re going to do over the weekend, you’re wishing away your opportunity to learn something. Think about all of the people who do not get to attend college and would love to take your spot and learn something today. You have the amazing opportunity to learn something today! Take advantage of it, and don’t just wish it away. Use every day to spread some good in the world, whether it’s in your life or someone else’s.

“But how can I love Monday?”

Let’s discuss why you should love Mondays. First of all, you don’t even give them a chance. Mondays never get any of the credit. If, on Sunday night, you find yourself dreading Monday morning, think about it this way: with Monday morning comes the opportunity to start a fresh week and be productive. Use Monday as an excuse to stop at your favorite coffee shop before work or class. You deserve to start the week off on a good, strong foot.

Take each day and do something positive with it. For example, use Mondays for treating yourself to a coffee. On Tuesdays, call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while (your mom, grandma, uncle, etc.). On Wednesdays, do something nice for someone else – smile at a stranger, open the door for someone, compliment someone, offer to pay for someone else’s coffee, etc.

Push past the Tuesday Blues

You may be thinking, “Okay, Tuesdays are bad, but not as bad as Mondays.” Yes, you’re one day closer to the weekend, but stop thinking about everything in relation to the weekend! Think about Tuesday like this instead: If you didn’t get as much done the day before, use Tuesday to finish things up. If you still can’t find a good reason to get over the Tuesday blues, try and do something good today: smile at a stranger, open the door for someone, compliment someone, offer to pay for someone else’s coffee, or even call your mom.

Instead of thinking, “Just one more day closer to the weekend,” next time, take a moment and think about how you can make this day, no matter what day of the week it is, count.

Hannah_Dollinger-HeadshotHannah is a Psychology major at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA. She graduates in May 2017 and hopes to get her M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis. For her career, she hopes to work with with autistic children through ABA therapy. Outside of class, she reads novels and watches The Office.