Keys to Success at a Cold Weather School

It’s that time of the year. The trees are bare, the ground is blanketed with snow, the sun is going down sooner, and your workload is starting to pile up. The question is how do you stay motivated and manage your work in cold-weather? Taking steps like getting adequate sleep, eating balanced meals, using a calendar, and practicing yoga are a few of the ways I stay happy and healthy so I can succeed in the classroom regardless of the forces outside. 

Vital Vitamins

A major part of being successful as a student in a cold climate based school is health. It’s always important to keep your immune system strong, but cold weather makes it increasingly easier for bacteria and germs to spread. You may have heard of common defensive mechanisms such as washing your hands and dressing warm. However, cutting refined sugar out of your diet has also shown to keep the immune system strong. There are added sleep benefits, too, as refined sugar can lead to insomnia which may leave you feeling uncomfortable and unable to focus. The use of vitamins will also keep your immune system working well. I even recommend getting a vitamin B12 shot once a month if financially able. It will keep your body fresh and provide plenty of energy. The air can also become quite dry during the winter months which can contribute to sickness. Getting a humidifier will give your immune system the push it needs to stay healthy. 

Mental Health Management

Mental health is just as important as physical health, especially in the context of school. Using a weighted blanket has helped me greatly in dealing with anxiety generated from school and other external factors. They vary in weight and price, but I chose the 15 pound option for $40. Normally you get one that is 10 percent of your weight for the best use. It is incredibly comfortable and has application for use during course work or sleep. 

The marriage between the self-care of physical and mental health begins with yoga. Yoga is an incredible form of meditation and has helped me become more mobile, relax after long work days, and has even aided in my in-class focus. Personally I prefer hot yoga, but there are several different forms that can be performed at your specific skill level. 

Keep a Calendar

As students, we often hear about the importance of keeping track of our assignments, tests, and just important dates in general. However, one of the best ways to stay on top of your workload and daily tasks is through the use of an online calendar. Mine is connected to both my phone and laptop so I can create new assignments using the easy interface of a computer keyboard and get notified of said tasks via phone. Maintaining this good habit leads to reduced stress and better health.

Overall, it is incredibly important to maintain mental and physical health during the school year, especially when in a winter climate. Implement the tips above to be a happy, healthy academic superstar! I urge you to try at least three of these tips; trust me, you will not be disappointed! 

Pearson Students: How do you stay healthy in cold weather? How do you keep your mind right? Share by commenting below!


Sam Mittenthal is a junior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He is majoring in Content Design Based Professional Writing with a minor in General Business. He is in Toastmasters and the Miami University Real Estate Club. Sam is also a Pearson Campus Ambassador at Miami University.

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