Increasing economic inequality: A closer look

Male college professor lecturing about economic inequality to a classroom full of students

The issue of economic inequality is emerging as a major social problem and as a central focus of the 2016 presidential campaign.

What do people think is our society’s level of economic inequality? What do they think the degree of economic inequality should be? And what is the actual level of economic inequality? What is happening to cause it? And, why?

The webinar posted below presents recent research that answers these questions. In addition, it examines the difference between income and wealth, and tracks the changing level of economic inequality in the United States over the course of the last century.

You will also find a short PowerPoint presentation about economic inequality on my personal website, which is or Go to the bottom left corner of the main page to find the PowerPoint discussion and click on the “Read More” link to get to PowerPoints I have personally prepared, using recent research, for every chapter in our new textbooks Sociology, 16th edition and Society: The Basics, 14th edition. These are available to you for easy download. My best to you and your students!


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Cropedmacionis johnJohn J. Macionis has been a teacher of sociology for more than forty years. He recently retired from Kenyon College where he was Prentice Hall Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Sociology. Macionis continues to write many of the most popular textbooks in the discipline. He is also a social activist who is engaged with organizations dealing with the environment and improving the lives of disadvantaged people both in the United States and abroad.