Increase Your Productivity by Taking Things One Day at a Time

Imagine having enough time in each of your days to complete everything you needed to accomplish. I have found with a little bit of planning, this is possible! There is always something that you can be doing as a student whether it be homework, studying, going to organization meetings on campus, laundry, or even making food for yourself. With all of these lingering obligations it can feel extremely overwhelming. Here are three ideas to help you avoid feeling too busy to function.

Plan out your semester

First things first, make sure to buy a planner at the beginning of the year. A planner can help you to keep track of life’s responsibilities. When beginning the semester, I always write down my class schedule for each day so I can record assignments, exams, and whatever else that was mentioned in class. Next, I will go through my syllabus and write down set dates of assignments or quizzes the professor has listed which helps to prepare for what is coming! 

Once your planner is ready to go, make sure to utilize it. I color code each of my classes using colored pens and highlight things I need to go to such as work or events. Doing this helps me see what’s going on at a quick glance. 

Make friends with sticky notes

Sticky notes are extremely helpful in remembering tasks you need to complete. To ensure you will finish a task that you may not have time for in that exact moment, writing a reminder will be beneficial. The notes you create can be strategically placed where you will see them most often. Also, if there is anything important I need to remember I will leave a note in my planner. There is also feature on most laptops or even phones that allow you to put digital sticky notes up. Using these may be helpful if you use an electronic calendar or you look at your phone or laptop a lot.

Create a task list each day

A great way to plan your days is to create a task list in the morning. The list should include the exact tasks that you need to complete that day. If time allows, you can add another section including tasks that eventually need to be competed. A task list will keep you motivated and shows what needs to be done in what order. You may want to nap or hangout with friends, but having a task list can help you see what you realistically have time for.

Keeping up with life can be difficult, but learning how to manage your time can be extremely helpful. Have these tips in mind when you begin feeling overwhelmed and know that your life could become a lot easier if you just take a little extra time to plan.

Pearson Students: How do you stay organized? What tips do you have? Share by commenting below!


Sarah Ambuehl is a Senior at St. Cloud State University studying Marketing with a minor in Global Business. In the future, she would like to work for a non-profit company abroad. Sarah is the Pearson Campus Ambassador at SCSU, and the fundraising chair for the American Marketing Association. For fun, she enjoys spending time with her roommates, painting and traveling (whenever possible).


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