How to Avoid Burnout

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It’s the second half of the semester. Mid-term season just ended and for many of us with a shortened semester, finals are right around the corner. With extracurriculars, job hunting, studying for interviews, and actually interviewing, it’s tough to avoid feelings of burnout. However, you need to remember that you’ve got this! A few more weeks and you’ll be on break so keep pushing! Check out PCA Christy’s vlog to learn about things she’s doing to avoid burnout.

About the author: Christy Zheng is a student at the University of Southern California double majoring in accounting and business administration. On campus, she is involved in advocacy work for the APIDA community as well as women in the workforce through APASA and OWN IT. In her free time, Christy enjoys playing volleyball with her brothers, watching anime, eating good food, and painting! Christy is also a Pearson Campus Ambassador at USC.


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