How Do You Stay Healthy at University?

To be motivated to do something, knowing why you’re doing it or what benefit it will bring is vital.

As well as being good for your general wellbeing having a healthy lifestyle will help to focus and motivate you in other areas of your life. It provides an opportunity to take your mind off work and the stresses of college life as well as improving your mood.

So, how can we keep fit and healthy? The obvious is, where possible, to walk or cycle rather than taking the car, bus or train and use the stairs rather than the elevator. Since moving to London I’ll walk up the escalators in the underground rather than standing.  You can also join a gym or a sports club or get a group of friends together and start your own active groups. In the halls I’m living in a few of us go for a run in the morning. This is a great way to meet other people while keeping you motivated. I also currently train and compete in the 400m and the squad I’ve joined has really encouraged me to keep going. I’ve also made great friends as a result. Having joined a gym as well, there are so many different classes to participate in and they’ll be people with a mixture of abilities.

Establishing a routine where you get sufficient amounts of sleep and eat properly – that includes having breakfast – will make you more productive and enable you to keep a balance of work and play. This is something I need to improve on for this term as I know I’m more productive when I plan my day or week in advance. Avoiding smoking and drugs and being aware of how much alcohol you’re consuming is important for your general wellbeing.

To maintain momentum once you’ve established a routine, always have something to aim for. This might be for personal gain, like using technology such as Fitbit to track and monitor your progress where you can continually aim to improve. Another way is to sign up for races or competitions depending what sport or activity you decide to get involved with. With athletics I’ve enjoyed racing indoors during the winter season then outdoors in the summer which are great ways to race against people of a similar standard and to work on getting personal bests.

Most importantly make sure it is something you enjoy and have fun!

SophiePreece_headshotSophie is in her first year of Business and Enterprise at Pearson College in London. She took a gap year after leaving school and worked for IBM before starting college. She enjoys visiting the sights of London and spending time with friends, as well as running in Hyde Park in the mornings, especially when she manages to catch the sunrise!