Helping Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities Part 3

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In this third installment of a three-part series behavior experts, Andre Banks, M.Ed., director of client program management, and Doug Maraffa, senior client manager, both from Pearson, continue to discuss issues teachers encounter in students who have emotional and behavioral disabilities (EBD). In a survey teachers expressed what they wanted to know more about regarding how to work with EBD students, and this video series addresses these questions.


Spotlight on Strategies

Mental health incidents have increased greatly over the past years, and teachers are faced with challenging behaviors that are more frequent and more intense. Students with EBD sometimes give us the greatest challenges. For this reason, teachers need and require a stronger intervention skill set, increase behavioral knowledge base, and a variety of behavioral interventions to feel more confident in working with students with EBD. In this series of videos Andre and Doug discuss specific strategies that highlight the importance of using proactive, preventative, and positive interventions consistently and with fidelity to mitigate the severity of behavioral challenges in the learning environment. Also, they discuss the importance of developing working relationships with all students identified with EBD.


Non-verbal Communication and Pre-teaching


Token Economy

Conferencing and Cooling Down


Planned Ignoring and Setting Limits


Behavior Contract and Aggression Action Plan


Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring allows for tracking behavior occurrences and interventions to determine effectiveness and required modifications. Progress monitoring data is aggregated to provide behavioral progress; assess needs, and ensure an efficiency of services. In this video we discuss the questions of “how do I change” and “what do I do” when my interventions do not work. Andre and Doug discuss why some educators are reluctant to collect data, the importance of collecting data, and why it is so critical to student progress.


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