Students and faculty give their help desk a quality rating of 93.8% Colorado State University-Global Campus Greenwood Village, Colorado

Students and faculty give their help desk a quality rating of 93.8%


24/7 help desk services support adult learners during a technology migration

About a year and a half ago, Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSU-Global), an online university for adult learners, began the process of switching its learning management system (LMS) to Schoology.

In order to provide a flexible education to meet its adult learners’ needs, CSU-Global offers accelerated eight-week courses that start every month year-round. The university didn’t want students to have to switch to a different LMS in the middle of a course. So it faced the challenge of running two LMSs simultaneously—and providing help desk services for both systems—for approximately six months.

Since 2010, Pearson’s Help Desk Services has been providing 24/7 support for CSU-Global’s students and faculty. CSU-Global relied on the help desk’s accessibility, as well as the team’s dedication to supporting students, during the transition to Schoology. The transition process began in the summer of 2014, and by December 2014, the new LMS was up and running. The help desk continued to support the previous LMS, in addition to Schoology, through May 2015.

The Pearson team worked directly with Schoology to get training on the LMS. It also helped CSU-Global develop materials about Schoology for the help desk agents. The help desk team “was willing to jump on in and learn and work with us as we were learning,” remarked Krista Parker, a recent supervisor for learning management systems at CSU-Global. The team members’ willingness “to learn how they could better support us as we were supporting students really took the load off those of us who were involved in the migration.”

Miranda Regnitz, the associate director of operations at CSU-Global, said of the transition: “Our students really didn’t know that there was any difference at all, and I think that speaks volumes. Pearson was able to help the students make the transition, which largely alleviated any of the anticipated concerns we thought might be coming in launching a new system.”

“Being able to partner with them and knowing that they had our students’ backs throughout the transition—that was huge for us,” Regnitz said. “We did not have to go out and hire a bunch of additional tech support to help with the transition. We were able to rely on the team that we already had in place.”

We have an actual partnership with Pearson in terms of making things better for CSU-Global users.

Krista Parker, a Recent Supervisor, Learning Management Systems, CSU-Global

Parker noted that after the migration, there was a decrease in escalations, which helped free up her time. “I was able to focus on ways that I could improve the system or new tools that I could put in the system rather than working through ten escalated tickets in the morning—all of which were going to take an hour to resolve,” she explained.

On surveys, students and instructors have rated the help desk services highly. For the period from July 2012 through February 2016, the simple average of the overall quality ratings was 93.76 percent. “We’ve been very satisfied with what the help desk is able to provide for us and our students,” remarked Regnitz.

Referring to the six-year partnership with Pearson, she said, “We’ve been happy, and we stayed.”

To learn more about CSU-Global’s help desk services, read the full success story.

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