Having a Mentor and a Dad Rolled Up Into One

November is often a time when people share stories of gratitude and we think that’s great! For the next month the P.S. Blog will feature several Pearson Campus Ambassadors who are grateful for a variety of things: from family and friends to opportunities at their college. What are you grateful for?

11.Blake KistBlake Kist is majoring in nursing at the University of Minnesota. She would like to become a Medical Device Sales Rep. Her favorite class this semester isn’t really a class, it’s her clinical rounds, working with patients in a hospital setting. Her favorite Thanksgiving Day foods are stuffing and sweet potato casserole. Here is what she’s grateful for:

This year, I am extremely grateful for my wonderful dad who has helped me achieve numerous goals. To begin, my dad is always around to help with any problems – he is a true handyman! Whether it is fixing something broken in the house or helping me understand medical terminology, he is there when needed. Furthermore, this year, I wanted to get a part-time job with a medical device company. I had been searching for quite a while, until I came across the spine division of Medtronic. My dad, having worked in spine sales his entire life, knew several people at this company. In short, he made a few phone calls and set me up with an interview with the owner. I was so thankful that he took the time out of his day to help me obtain my dream part-time job. Ultimately, I was offered the position and currently working as a Clinical Specialist. He has continued to teach me everything he knows about the spine and various procedures, aiding in my ability to perform well in my position. I am so grateful to have him in my life, as he is a valuable resource and loving father.  

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