A Guide for Surviving Post-Grad Life

Discussing life after graduation is a taboo and often scary topic for many students. No matter what path you take following graduation, here are some steps you can take to ensure that your transition into postgraduate life goes smoothly.

Prepare your resume

Having professional hiring documents is a crucial step in preparing for life after college. Get in the habit of updating your resume often to reflect the most up-to-date experiences, education, and volunteer activities. If your field requires a portfolio, make sure this is current as well. Remember to add a personal touch; it is a great way to showcase your personality and accomplishments in the same place!

Meet with your advisor

Take advantage of your school’s resources while you still can! Your university’s advising department or career center can be a great place to speak with experts and get advice on next steps. It’s also helpful to talk to a third-party who can bring a fresh new perspective to the table! You may not have advice readily available to you forever like you do now, so try and ask as many questions as you can so you are the most prepared.

Do your research

Even if you’re not ready to fully commit to a job or college search, it helps to do some preliminary research so you’re prepared to take the next step. Take note of important dates and deadlines in your planner or phone calendar and have a general idea of the options available to you so that you’re ready to take action when the time comes.

Get your email in order

Most schools deactivate students’ school email addresses immediately following graduation. Don’t get caught off guard; make sure to transfer any subscriptions to your personal email so that you don’t lose access to those accounts. Also ensure that your personal email is professional/appropriate and listed on your resume so that prospective employers have a way to reach you!

Take a look at your closet

Unfortunately, your school spirit apparel most likely won’t cut it in an interview. Every graduate needs at least a few professional pieces in their closet for occasions like interviews, presentations, and networking events. In this case, focus on the basics: neutral blazers, pants/trousers, collared shirts/blouses, and closed-toed shoes should give you a lot of different options for creating outfits. Luckily, a professional wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank — check out consignment, thrift stores, and clearance racks to score great deals!

Graduating from college can be overwhelming and leave you feeling like you have been thrown out to the fishes. It is important to prepare for it early, so you don’t panic all at once. These steps should help you put a better foot forward in the next stage of your life!

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Sarah Hill is a Spring 2019 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she studied Marketing and Innovation. She also served as the Pearson Campus Ambassador at UNC Charlotte. She plans to pursue her Master’s degree in Communication with a specialization in Digital Strategy. In her free time, she likes to play with her dog, try new recipes, and read.
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