Gender Intelligence: The Science Behind Gender Differences

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Neuroscience has shown that the brains of men and women are hardwired differently. These differences affect how both genders think, communicate, and behave. In the workplace, this often leads to communication misunderstandings, which can be avoided by building gender intelligence. To explore this concept further, we’ve created a four-part series with Barbara Annis, founding partner of the Gender Intelligence Group (GIG) who helps us to understand gender intelligence and how organizations are profiting from a gender-balanced corporate culture.

In this second podcast, Barbara explains the differences scientific research has revealed, and how we can learn to embrace gender differences in the workplace. She shares examples from her experiences working with organizations around the world and how corporate leaders and managers are experiencing “aha” moments that change their perspectives and give them a new sense of freedom to embrace who they are and appreciate their counterparts of the opposite gender. In the first podcast, we discussed what is gender intelligence, how this new approach developed, what it means to value differences, and how to overcome blind spots in our perspectives. Listen in as we go further into the science behind it. Perhaps you’ll have your own “aha” moment.



Listen to the first podcast, “Engaging the Differences between the Men and Women.”

Listen to the third podcast, “The Competitive Advantage.”

Or listen to the fourth podcast, “Advancement of Women.”


For more information about Gender Intelligence, we created this flier and webpage.  


About Barbara Annis
Barbara Annis

Barbara Annis

Barbara Annis, Founding Partner of Gender Intelligence Group (GIG), is a world-renowned expert on Inclusive Leadership through Gender & Cultural Intelligence, advocating the value and practice of this new type of leadership in Fortune 500 companies and numerous organizations worldwide. Her insights and achievements have pioneered a transformational shift in cultural attitudes across the globe on the importance of gender unity to organizational success.

Barbara began her career as the first women in sales at Sony and became the first woman Sales Manager with 14 Outstanding Sales Achievement Awards and Sony’s MVP Award. Over the past 27 years, Barbara Annis and her 51 global associates have facilitated over 8,000 corporate workshops and conducted thousands of leadership assessments and executive coaching sessions. GIG has introduced breakthrough research on the practice and benefits of inclusive leadership and gender diversity. Additionally, GIG offers diagnostics, workshops, and coaching sessions both onsite and online.