Furthering my education was never an option for me, but a necessity

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As a young child, my parents made it very clear that a college education was of utmost importance. Seeing my mother continue her education throughout my upbringing not only reinforced this idea, but also kept me motivated to reach my full potential. My mother has strong independent roots, which I like to believe helped transform me into the woman I am today. One of the most important lessons she instilled in me was to know the difference between settling and striving, and to this day I keep that in the back of my mind.

As a young independent woman, the goals I have set for myself encourage me to strive for more. Although I didn’t get the choice of whether or not I would attend college, where I decided to further my education was entirely up to me. I could not be more humbled or grateful to attend Texas A&M, and more specifically Mays Business School. The business school, professors, and intelligent classmates I have encountered continuously make me excited about my education and my career. Some of the best advice from a professor I have ever received is, “Your network is your net WORTH,” and I couldn’t ask for a better network here at A&M.

I can wholeheartedly say that everyone around here is not only encouraging, but uplifting, and excited for your success. I am proud to come from a family with such strong emotional ties towards education, and to be at a university that grabs those emotional ties and gives you the education and values you need to jumpstart your career and take off for success. For the amazing education, network, and life lessons, I owe to my school. As for the motivation, ambition, and drive I have to become successful, I owe to my family.


About the Author
Sterling Woerner

Sterling Woerner

Sterling Woerner is a driven and goal oriented student currently studying marketing and communications at Texas A&M. She grew up in a small town in south Texas and found bliss through being active, developing long lasting relationships, and traveling. She finds happiness in personal growth, education, and experiencing new things. Growing up the middle child out of five, she naturally developed into an instinctual leader driven by ambition to make a difference. She is humbled by her experiences during her upbringing, from traveling to tragedies; she looks back with appreciation for life, and is grateful for all experiences. She has always been extremely involved in academics and extracurricular activities. She is currently working two jobs while in college, taking a full course load, and is highly involved in two Greek business organizations. She is always on the run, but wouldn’t have it any other way.