Finding value in my past English papers

College student working on an English essay

As I have taken the opportunity to blog for Pearson, I have felt unable to choose good writing topics. I would place myself in deep thought trying to come up with a good topic, a topic everyone could relate to, but I kept coming up short and getting frustrated.

So I started skimming through old flash drives. Flash drives that I used when I first started classes two years ago now full of essays I forgot that I wrote. I remember how much time I spent on each one of them. I remember feeling they were not good enough, to earn the ‘A’ I was working toward. I called on an English Professor, Mary Perlman, a lot to ensure I was getting my point across. I could always count on Professor Perlman, she was continuously there for me and would give me her take on what if anything needed to change.Student eviewing an English essay

As time has passed, I call on Professor Perlman less. Only because, she has taught me a lot about the writing process and helped me develop writing skills that I never felt I would gain. Professor Perlman always took the time to go over my English papers with me, explaining why something needed to be changed or when something was good and did not need adjusting. Eventually, Professor Perlman was needed less, I was able to see for myself the corrections I needed to make and I would make them according to what she had taught me.

I have learned a lot about me, by reading my old essays. As I skim through each of my past papers, I find myself making immediate corrections. The essays are suitable for the work I was completing before, don’t get me wrong, but I have learned what it takes to write a decent paper. Over time, I have become much more confident in my writing ability, and can pinpoint if something is off with the words I am choosing. What used to take me many days, I can now complete in a few short hours.

Reading over my past English essays, I am able to reflect and remember how proud I was when I was finally finished writing each of them.  However, I can now see ways to make the same paper far better, and I feel inspired to write about new topics.

I am going to rewrite some of my work in order to better myself. I want to try to use my creativity to make the quality of my papers come across from the perspective of a university student instead of a community college student. I am confident I will prevail. Thank you Pearson, for giving me the opportunity to write blogs in an effort to help others learn what worked for me.

Victoria_BankowskiVictoria is the first in her family to go to college and has earned an AS and AA degree at Wayne County Community College where she graduated at the top of her class in 2015 as the WCCCD’s Special Recognition Award Recipient. Victoria is an officer of both Phi-Theta Kappa and Tri-Beta Biological Honors Societies. She continues to build on her leadership skills by working closely with Executive Women’s International of Detroit /Windsor (EWI). Outside of the classroom, she enjoys quality time with her granddaughters.