Finding mentors

Success has many different definitions in life, and even the most successful person in the world has a mentor. Do you? Have you ever thought to consider the importance of finding mentors both personally and professionally? The importance of finding a personal and professional mentor is integral to our growth as an individual and professional. Why not present someone the opportunity to give back to the community – starting with you?

Mentors are people whom we count on to be there for us personally and professionally. Everyone should have a mentor as it is a crucial development that holds us accountable. Many successful people have had numerous mentors in the past from grade school until high school, college, graduate school, and in the professional workplace. There are several important key factors to consider when selecting a mentor, for instance, making sure the relationship is mutual, sharing similar visions, and choosing quality over quantity.

The best relationships are the ones that bond through mutual trust, respect, and common ground. Two people, mentor and mentee, must mutually have trust and respect for one another in order to establish a strong professional and personal relationship. The mentee must trust that the mentor is competent, skilled, and qualified to pass on knowledge and training. The mentor must also trust and respect the mentee regardless of age and believe in him/her.

Sharing similar visions is vital. In most mentor and mentee relationships, a common goal is determined and they both work hard toward meeting it. The best mentors are those who not only lead the way for their mentees, but also create leaders out of their mentees. Those who share similar visions are more than likely to work as a team and accomplish greater tasks.

Choosing quality over quantity is key in any relationship, specifically, in a mentor and mentee rapport. Quality definitely triumphs quantity when it comes to selecting a mentor in one’s professional interests. The quality of the mentorship could open doors to possibilities, such as professional resources, credentials, and networking opportunities. College is a great place to start finding professional mentors and establish those growing relationships in the workplace as one settles into his/her profession.

Roxi-Fam-150x150Roxi is humbled to be a current Terry Scholar attending the University of Houston as a Communications major. Roxi is involved in the Ignite Leadership Program at UH. Outside of the classroom, her personal goals are to travel around the globe, taste food from different parts of the world, and explore diverse cultures.