Female Coding Contestants Discuss Their Experiences

Three teen girls looking at the same computer laptop screen

The 2015 Pearson Student Coding Contest had three female semifinalists this year, Anisha Srivastava, Faye Li and Alberta Williams! And of those young women, Anisha Srivastava has moved on to become one of our three contest finalists! Anisha will present her app to our panel of judges in person in Denver February 5th, 2016. Each finalist is guaranteed to take home at least a $1000 prize purse.

A couple weeks ago, we held a special podcast with our lady coders, and it was hosted by our two female judges, Susan Nesbitt (makeschool.com) and Emily Reid (Girls Who Code). The insights from these three talented young women turned into an amazing conversation where they discussed what got them into tech, and who influenced and mentored them. They also talked about their dreams and challenges along the way. And they geeked out a little!

Listen to this brief and exciting discussion and be inspired. We were!



The contest was featured in Education Dive and Tech & Learning. Learn more about this year’s contest, plans for next year, connect with other developers, or join in the conversation on Twitter at #alwayscoding.