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Pearson’s Leadership and Talent Development webinars offer professional development opportunities for educators. Learn more about the sessions below and read about the speakers on our Employability page.

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Becoming Great on the Job: Communicating Live in a Digital World

Jodi Glickman, Sean Stowers

Jodi Glickman, CEO of Great on The Job, and Sean Stowers of Pearson review the key elements of strategic communication to become “great on the job” and the partnership forged between Pearson – the world’s learning company – and Great on The Job.

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Gender Intelligence for Leadership: Transforming cultures and driving business growth

Barbara Annis

Barbara Annis, founder of The Gender Intelligence Group and Rob Bloom of Pearson explore Gender Intelligence® as a critical leadership skill helping to create more inclusive cultures that recognize the contributions of both men and women. They will share insights into how a Gender Intelligent organization can create a sustainable competitive advantage with highly effective and engaged teams driving new innovations, fostering deeper client relations, and ultimately improving bottom line performance.

This webinar will highlight the partnership between The Gender Intelligence Group and Pearson – the world’s learning company – through a demonstration of the BeGenderIntelligent online learning experience.

Participants will conclude the webinar with new awareness into questions like:
• How women and men respond differently to business challenges
• Why equalizing the ratio of women to men in an organization doesn’t necessarily result in gender balance
• How to create a culture that values the differences men and women bring to the workplace and recognizes that great minds actually think unalike
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