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Because we know that for most of our learners, education and training are a means to an end—a job that supports them and their family—employability is the ultimate purpose of what we do. At Pearson, we’re committed to finding solutions to this global challenge and freely share our work in the hopes that you as a student, an educator, or an employer will join the discussion and discover the role you can play in preparing learners for work.

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Improving Career Readiness for 21st Century Learners

Getting the Job: Pitching with Presence

What Employers Are Doing to Help Employees Make Meaningful Progress in Their Lives

Insights from Summit speakers

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Additional employability resources


Open Badges Are Unlocking the Emerging Jobs Economy

This paper discusses the promise of open badges to address market inefficiencies, necessary implementation standards, who stands to benefit from their use, and important considerations on the growth of the badging ecosystem.

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Redefining Readiness in Education and the Workplace

What is college and career readiness and how can we ensure that our students are making progress toward those goals? This white paper describes and contrasts three readiness paradigms that not only assess strengths and weaknesses at multiple stages in learners’ lives, but also generate targeted interventions and supports to help learners progress toward significant future goals.

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Students, Skills, Employability: Mind the (Huge) Gap

See the most recent statistics on the employability gap and higher education and business collaboration.

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Employability Skills Gap

Learn about the top skills employers seek that college grads may lack and Pearson’s commitment to employability.

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